3 FAQs I Get Asked About Hair

As your go-to hair educator, I’ve taken it upon myself to become as familiar as possible with haircare, hair tools, hair styles, you name it, specifically for short hair. There are 3 questions I do get asked the most by my audience and I wanted to put them in one place to address them for you, so let’s get into it!

1. "Are you still an affiliate with L'ange?"

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this question because I get asked this the most often; the answer is YES! I am a current affiliate with L’ange Hair and therefore, I’m your go-to hair girl when it comes to understanding which products you should try. I am a firm believer in sharing the things I love and I make it a point to avoid sharing random finds, or items I haven’t tried, loved, and become obsessed with myself.

That being said, L’ange doesn’t quite have everything I need for my hair. I began my affiliate journey with L’ange when they were a new company and I knew they didn’t have all the products I was looking for, but I had hoped they would add more proudcts as time went on. While they’ve created some amazing products over the years, L’ange still doesn’t have all the ingredients I need to feed my hair so this lead me to look elsewhere.

My relationship with L’ange is still standing and I will continue to share and use some of their products that have become my must-haves, but they and I knew I needed to incorporate other products into my hair which they were currently missing and didn’t have to offer. On top of needing other products, with all the research on my stomach and gut I’ve been doing, I found I’m allergic to sunflower oil. There are so many products and foods that have this ingredient in it which meant I had to find replacements for products I had been using. This is a big reason why you won’t see me using only L’ange products!

2. "What hair tools do you use?"

I get asked all the time about the hair tools I use for styling; I use multiple hair tools because it’s just fun and I love the option! In order for you to achieve the look you want on the day you want it, using the same tool every day won’t give you the different looks I love to have.

That being said, I think there are a lot of hair tools that work great! That’s why you always see me using a flat iron, Le Duo (from L’ange Hair), a curling iron, curling wand, the Le Volume (also from L’ange), etc. I love to have different looks all the time – that’s what I think is so fun about having short hair. The possibilities are truly endless for the looks you could create!

3. "Will that haircut work for me?"

One of the things I’m always sure to mention throughout my hair tutorials is I have fine hair. I’ll get a lot of thick-haired gals or curly-haired gals ask me if my hair cut will work on their hair type. My answer is YES, but when you speak to your stylist they might tell you that you need to go longer than the look I have because of the shape of your face. They also might tell you they need to do your layering or texturizing differently because of the texture of your hair. Usually someone with super fine hair needs to have hardly any layers because it will thin out the hair and make it appear even thinner. A person who has thicker hair can have layers but the stylist needs to make sure they do not pull the layer too short because it will sit differently within the hair itself and it will spring up since the hair isn’t as weighed down.

Your stylist NEEDS to have the knowledge behind cutting short hair and must be willing to change the hair cut based on your needs. Taking pictures and videos to your stylist is KEY. Finding an example of what you want on someone with your specific hair type as well is a bonus and can guide your stylist to understand what you want and the end result.


I truly believe in this – you NEED to be able to understand what your hair needs in order to achieve whatever hair goals you have. I absolutely love teaching my audience tips and tricks for their hair and I want to be a resource for you. Here’s a couple things you can lean on from me:

1. My Current Hair Care Blog – I keep this updated constantly with my hair care favorites, go-to tools, and my current hair cut and color as well as details from behind the scenes. Make sure to check out the guidance I give there as it will keep you in the loop!

2. Understanding What Your Hair Needs – This was a LIVE I did on YouTube; I go over how to use hair products correctly for your hair type, thinking it through for what is your hair type, what problems you have with your hair, and how you can solve said problems with product to help maintain your hair in the long run is super important. Hair products need to be broken down to key things; placement of the products DOES matter as well. Remember, the use of your hair products needs to be broken down as if you have a combination hair type, just like with your skin. Always remember to feed your hair!

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