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With a name like Jocelyn McClellan that hardly anyone can spell, let alone say it without twisting their tongue, Fit Mission is what a lot of souls call me. My fitness journey started after realizing that family genetics could take over and leave me with a heart attack at a young age and osteoporosis just like my mother so my health habits needed to change. Through that journey though, I got more than I bargained for and soon became a SEINT artist.


Accepting your flaws does not lessen your worth, it only increases your power; your power to choose and change.

My Story

I met incredible souls that made me think harder about life. I went from a place where I didn’t really take care of myself in any way, to a place where I was able to be a voice for many women. They themselves were trying to be on a journey of loving who they were and giving more to themselves without the guilt. That’s where Fit Mission Complete came in. Teaching women through fitness, adventure, and with SEINT beauty, a woman can become who she always wanted to be. We have to first learn to take care of ourselves to become that person. So I challenged women to at least give themselves one day a week where they got ready, they became their best first impression, and they began caring for themselves more and more. When Cara decided to promote her product within a company full of independent makeup artists, that was when I got on board. Seint makeup (formally known as Maskcara Beauty) gave women what they needed to have an easier time getting themselves ready, and caring for themselves, all the while still looking like themselves and feeling like themselves. That’s when I knew the journey I was on evolved into so much more.