Fitness? An Active Lifestyle?

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Fitness wasn’t always my favorite thing but being active was. Oh wait… does being a mommy to babies count as active? Is it like working-the-heart-to-make-it-healthy kind of active? Probably not… more like a momma-is-super-busy kind of active but not a running kind of active.

I’m going to tell you how that all turned around, how I became active, worked with Jessie Hilgenberg and took the “Active Lifestyle” head on, and the super cute clothes and how they came with it all. 


Leading an active lifestyle was not on my list of priorities for a long time, but the minute I implemented it into my life as well as my family’s, my life was forever changed and because of it, life is a lot more fun now. At the age of 55 my mom had a heart attack, and it slowly dawned on me what my own health could possibly look like in the future.

This was 2009, I was pregnant at the time and experiencing a high-risk pregnancy with my third child, so there was no way that being active was an option. My posture had developed poorly over time from always being stuck in bed with my pregnancies and never working to regain good posture or strength in between each child. It wasn’t until six months after I had given birth to my fourth child that I finally looked in the mirror and asked myself, “GIRL! What are you doing??”


I was nowhere near focused on being active but it was definitely what I needed. My own health consisted of hormone issues, and I dealt with stomach issues that had already left me fighting my own battle; I knew though that if I didn’t start steering myself in the right direction, who knew what would come next. Was I scared? Darn right – I started worrying. My mom had her heart attack and, not long after, broke her foot just by taking a few steps while walking because of Osteoporosis. Genetics weren’t doing her any favors, and it showed time and time again in her family (like her mom, aunts, and so on). Our bodies are a lot alike, so I knew that I needed to start taking better care of me!


In 2013, when my last baby was six months old, I knew that I was going to have to hire someone to help me at least three days a week in making sure that I was doing my part at consistently getting a workout in as I had a tiny family to look after and was homeschooling my kids – I am very good at taking care of everyone around me and not myself. The trainer thing was successful; I had an awesome trainer in New Braunfels, TX that did a great job at keeping me and my workouts in check. I had started my workouts only being able to lift 2lb weights but it increased to more. I built up a habit of putting myself first and getting in those workouts over the years. It wasn’t easy and at times I definitely missed my goals, but it was something that I knew I needed.


during 2015 and that woman inspired me to no end! Holy cow did she ever inspire me – her approach to taking care of ourselves for forever instead of just fad diets was so important to me. Her own father had died from sudden heart issues and that woman somehow knew exactly what I needed. Jessie taught me so dang much, more than I feel any other trainer has. 

She understood diet with my body and what it needed, she understood how to put form first for all the exercises, she made sense, she was humble, her laugh was contagious, she was always smiling and she didn’t want people doing any fad diets – she wanted to fix their metabolism and take care of them forever. I LOVED this woman and her **programs then and I love her now, so much that I haven’t even used another program since!

It’s crazy what happens when we put goals to something or when we put our hearts into something – I even developed my first instagram page (including taking my first ever selfie haha). I had friends that wanted me to help them keep themselves accountable and I was doing my best to make sure that everyone was getting in their workouts as well. The page turned into what it did and we have grown since then. I didn’t go into all of this looking at it like I was going to change everything about me; instead I went into it knowing I needed to work out. I never thought it would become a lifestyle that I would want to live. I also didn’t think that my self-worth or my spiritual well-being would change, let alone my mental health – but everything changed. I didn’t even think, “heck ya Joce, soon you’ll be wearing workout clothes everyday,” haha but… I did.


I know you’re reading this and thinking “Joce, still… this isn’t about active wear” and… you’re right, none of it was. But what it is about is a girl that changed and the changing created more change. And do you know what was one of the changes I never mentioned throughout this blog? One of my motivators was a new activewear outfit when I hit a goal. When I went into my fitness journey, I bought new workout clothes so I’d get excited to have something to put on all the time. I rewarded myself for reaching my goals with more activewear and, years later, it’s still something I look forward to when I’ve hit a goal. This year though, this year was… Joce, it’s time to buy new fitness clothes because it’s time to really hit those fitness goals again. I had to fight even more to get my gym time in this past bit, but it’s been worth the fight and I’m back baby, and now I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces of activewear that were part of my fitness journey (some I already had, and some are new).

I’ll link my favorite places I get my activewear for you right here. Some companies I work with and some I don’t, but man it would sure be fun to work with them all one day! 😉 I hope that from this blog post you will see the importance that I felt in fitting the fitness lifestyle into my life and maybe it can be something that inspires you.

God Bless!

xoxo, Joce

**In case you’re wanting more information regarding Jessie Hilgenberg’s Fitness Plans – Discount code: JOCE10 any plan you wish.

My favorites are Home Edition, Muscle Building one and JG40** 

Links to My Activewear Favorites

Calia by Carrie Underwood –

Zyia –

Lole –

Acta Wear – Discount code: JOCELYN15

LuluLemon –

Nike –

Adidas –

Victoria’s Secret Sweaters –

***You must also know that since the time that I made the choice to put my body first and started caring for my body, my mother suffered another potentially fatal heart attack that was even worse. She also went through another huge ordeal that, just by falling, she broke her femur and that just about killed her as well. It was a huge mess all due to her Osteoporosis and I’ve had to learn to fight the excuse of being “too busy” to put myself first because the “busy” can wait, but me not taking care of my health…that may go at any moment.

This active lifestyle…I did it for them!

Shopping… Why is it so Overwhelming?

So much to choose from yet so much confusion on how to pick!

I can’t say enough about how the fashion industry just gets it – not only have they come full circle with what I wore when I was nine to what I see in the stores today, (and I mean that EXACT style) but they’ve also got everything and anything you could possibly think of wearing! We really do have options to mix things up – heck, even the American hip-hop artist Andy Mineo talks about wearing “black on black on black on black” in my favorite song “Coming in Hot” cause ladies, it IS hot; it IS a thing. Not only that, but wearing white after Labor Day is no longer on the naughty list, in fact, we can wear all kinds of gold, silver, rose gold, pearls, diamonds, and so much more all at the same time. IT’S EPIC! One thing we didn’t have when I was nine though was online shopping; online shopping from huge department stores or small boutiques wasn’t an option like it is now and I’m sure my mom and dad were grateful cause this girl changed her clothes about 4 times a day already as it was!


I just created a dang awesome YouTube video, if I do say so myself (at least I think so), of how to piece outfits together from what we gather on Pinterest using what we already have in our closets. I created this video because not only have you told me that so many of you need help shopping, but I have to let you in on some of my own feelings here. 

When I started Instagramming I felt overwhelmed (why is shopping overwhelming?), like I HAD to buy clothes all the time. Because what if you all want a link to something I’m wearing and it’s old and there’s no link to it, or what if I already had it on in a previous video? How would I be able to tell someone what video to go to if I was wearing the same thing in all the videos, or what if I’m only in a t-shirt and jeans and it’s not professional enough, or what if I didn’t keep up with the other fashionistas around me? What voice do I have and who would listen if I couldn’t do that?

The thing about jewelry is if you buy right and stick with pieces that don’t fade or tarnish, your pieces can last forever. Yes, it costs a little more to get pieces that have real stones, sterling silver, or that are gold-filled, but look at it this way: I can wear all those pieces time and time again and nothing changes. I can only wear cheaper jewelry a couple of times and it becomes faded and tarnished. All in all, it’s so much more worth it to invest in the pieces that will last!

Goldie Lew has amazing pieces starting in the $30 range and going through the $300 range, however, most of their pieces are in the $100 range. This may seem pricey, but I will say from experience that they last and I am constantly being asked where I got the pieces I wear!

Amanda Deer’s pieces are around the $30-$60 range. While all her pieces are absolutely gorgeous, I tend to pay more attention to the ones that are gold filled because, in my opinion, they will last longer. Keep in mind that this also makes them cost a little more, but again it’s so worth it!

All in all, the dainty pieces and the bold statements that come with each of them make it so easy to incorporate into your daily style. What you choose to wear and your overall style is a part of your first impression, so let people know who you are. Stand tall with that statement ring, or that necklace that tells your story and go after it girl because it should be just one more thing that helps you feel more confident showing the world who you are!


I’ll fill my cart online with all kinds of cute clothes and before I buy it, I ask myself: do I really want this or, do I really need this? Do I have something already like this? Sometimes, after all that time I spent putting things into the cart, nothing comes of it. If I can’t stop thinking about it though, that’s when it makes its way into my home and I never look back, baby! “Get it while it’s hot” is what I like to tell myself (lol) but that’s ONLY if I really feel I need it. I took the time to make sure it really was what I wanted, instead of just looking to put something in the closet off of a mood. The organization that I already did in my closet not only helped me then, but it continues to help me to remember what I currently have because sometimes we just forget!

I LOVE online shopping and I love shopping small; I don’t want it to feel overwhelming to others and I want everyone to feel like they are getting the most out of what they buy and want. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more this has helped me. We can dive into more detail in another blog, but the moral to it all is that we’ve got amazing hacks at our fingertips and heck yes, it’s awesome! We just need to help ourselves not become so overwhelmed; in the end, it comes down to your closet and what you like but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that shopping is fun, having fun clothes is fun, but having chaos around you, isn’t near as fun. I plan to dive so much more into clothes and styling so expect more to come on YouTube and Instagram. I can’t wait to have some fun with you lovelies and with all of us working together, we can show how we make our closets rock – and have the best time doing it!

My Maskcara Journey

masckara makeup artist

My Maskcara journey started with a girl that was on a fitness mission, one who also was on an emotional journey not knowing what the future would hold. That girl was me and I knew that so much needed to change: emotionally, physically, spiritually – all of it came about from one stepping stone to the next. It was all guided by the Grace of God and it was a path I didn’t know I was headed on but one I am so grateful for!

My fitness journey started after realizing that family genetics could take over and leave me with a heart attack at a young age and/or Osteoporosis just like my mother, so my health habits needed to change. My Maskcara journey probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that fitness journey – I definitely got more than I bargained for. Currently, my life is being lived, it’s full, it’s happy, and some days are harder than others, but that’s life, right?

Three years ago, I had no idea that right around the corner, Maskcara was going to come into my life and change it forever. It’s crazy how a company or an individual can change our lives, but my life was! When a dear friend came to me and told me about the opportunity, never did I ever think I could be where I am in the company. I thought, “hey, this could be cool but I hate a lot of the things I see about direct sales; I don’t want to treat people how I’ve been treated and ‘sell’ like I’ve been sold to”. So I made a promise, and that was to be a friend first before trying to make a sales offer.

Three years ago, I met some incredible souls that made me think harder about my life. I went from a place where I didn’t really take care of myself in any way, to a place where I was able to be a voice for many women, many of whom were trying to be on a journey of loving who they were and giving more to themselves without feeling guilty. Around that time was when Fit Mission Complete (the soon to be Fit Mission Makeup) came into the picture – I daresay it created what I am today. I began my journey of taking care of ME – it was long overdue that I did so. I created the unhappy soul I had become;I put that on myself. I made that my life, I dug that hole; I knew that no one did it to me, I did it to myself. So, I decided it was time to dig deeper and get to work. 

Maskcara Beauty gave women the makeup they needed to have an easier time getting themselves ready and caring for themselves, all the while still looking like themselves and feeling like themselves – but knew I could give my knowledge, and friendship and care. I could give people what I knew I wanted. And I could SHOUT out that they were worth it, that YOU were worth it, louder than I ever did before! 

That was when I knew that the journey I was on had evolved into so much more. What I was teaching now produced greater results but it was still focused on making it easier for a woman. Maskcara offered a reasonably priced, quality makeup that was fast and compact – which meant no more digging through a makeup bag and spending time we didn’t have. This meant no more frustration sorting through what we did or didn’t have when we watched all these different tutorials. It meant all of the makeup would be right there, and the frustrating part could be over. Life just got easier! I was able to teach more and get more impressive outcomes, much easier than what I could have taught before.

Besides that beauty concept, I have been able to teach so many of you that through happiness we become what we want. My maskcara journey started the day I started taking care of me – and that journey is still continuing as I learn new tools and learn more about myself. I’ve learned how my flaws (or what I thought were considered flaws), are actually amazing things that I learned to just hurdled over. I look back now and see that because I’ve pushed myself into such an amazing company, not only have I taught myself that I can do more than I ever imagined but I can have an impact bigger than I ever thought possible. I have always wanted to be someone that changed lives and I hope I can continue to bless more and more throughout this maskcara journey. Happiness is a fight – in fact life is a fight – but through it all, when we take hold of our lives and put our own control into it with a little bit of grace, it’s amazing what can come of it!