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Jocelyn McClellan wearing Demi Colour by Seint

Demi Colour

Seint (fka Maskcara) recently released a new line of makeup by the name Demi Colour. I’m here to tell you why it’s for you!

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Cover photo for the blog post, JOCE by Design Has Launched!

JOCE by Design Has Launched!

Jocelyn McClellan’s new business venture, JOCE by Design, has officially launched! Click to read more about the timeless and key pieces you need in your

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seint maskcara seint artist seint makeup

From Maskcara to Seint

SEINT used to be known as Maskcara. The recent rebranding has truly embodied the goals of SEINT and values behind the makeup.

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The BEST Fitness Program!

Happy New Year!! With 2021 finally here, I’ve gotten asked so many times about my fitness regime and so on. The BEST fitness  program to

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masckara makeup artist

Fitness? An Active Lifestyle?

Fitness wasn’t always my favorite thing but being active was. Oh wait… does being a mommy to babies count as active? Is it like working-the-heart-to-make-it-healthy

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