My Maskcara Journey

masckara makeup artist

My Maskcara journey started with a girl that was on a fitness mission, one who also was on an emotional journey not knowing what the future would hold. That girl was me and I knew that so much needed to change: emotionally, physically, spiritually – all of it came about from one stepping stone to the next. It was all guided by the Grace of God and it was a path I didn’t know I was headed on but one I am so grateful for!

My fitness journey started after realizing that family genetics could take over and leave me with a heart attack at a young age and/or Osteoporosis just like my mother, so my health habits needed to change. My Maskcara journey probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that fitness journey – I definitely got more than I bargained for. Currently, my life is being lived, it’s full, it’s happy, and some days are harder than others, but that’s life, right?

Three years ago, I had no idea that right around the corner, Maskcara was going to come into my life and change it forever. It’s crazy how a company or an individual can change our lives, but my life was! When a dear friend came to me and told me about the opportunity, never did I ever think I could be where I am in the company. I thought, “hey, this could be cool but I hate a lot of the things I see about direct sales; I don’t want to treat people how I’ve been treated and ‘sell’ like I’ve been sold to”. So I made a promise, and that was to be a friend first before trying to make a sales offer.

Three years ago, I met some incredible souls that made me think harder about my life. I went from a place where I didn’t really take care of myself in any way, to a place where I was able to be a voice for many women, many of whom were trying to be on a journey of loving who they were and giving more to themselves without feeling guilty. Around that time was when Fit Mission Complete (the soon to be Fit Mission Makeup) came into the picture – I daresay it created what I am today. I began my journey of taking care of ME – it was long overdue that I did so. I created the unhappy soul I had become;I put that on myself. I made that my life, I dug that hole; I knew that no one did it to me, I did it to myself. So, I decided it was time to dig deeper and get to work. 

Maskcara Beauty gave women the makeup they needed to have an easier time getting themselves ready and caring for themselves, all the while still looking like themselves and feeling like themselves – but knew I could give my knowledge, and friendship and care. I could give people what I knew I wanted. And I could SHOUT out that they were worth it, that YOU were worth it, louder than I ever did before! 

That was when I knew that the journey I was on had evolved into so much more. What I was teaching now produced greater results but it was still focused on making it easier for a woman. Maskcara offered a reasonably priced, quality makeup that was fast and compact – which meant no more digging through a makeup bag and spending time we didn’t have. This meant no more frustration sorting through what we did or didn’t have when we watched all these different tutorials. It meant all of the makeup would be right there, and the frustrating part could be over. Life just got easier! I was able to teach more and get more impressive outcomes, much easier than what I could have taught before.

Besides that beauty concept, I have been able to teach so many of you that through happiness we become what we want. My maskcara journey started the day I started taking care of me – and that journey is still continuing as I learn new tools and learn more about myself. I’ve learned how my flaws (or what I thought were considered flaws), are actually amazing things that I learned to just hurdled over. I look back now and see that because I’ve pushed myself into such an amazing company, not only have I taught myself that I can do more than I ever imagined but I can have an impact bigger than I ever thought possible. I have always wanted to be someone that changed lives and I hope I can continue to bless more and more throughout this maskcara journey. Happiness is a fight – in fact life is a fight – but through it all, when we take hold of our lives and put our own control into it with a little bit of grace, it’s amazing what can come of it!