Layered Bob Hairstyle

layered bob haircut
layered bob haircut

The layered bob hairstyle you see is my most recent short hair cut by Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair on Instagram). In the past, I’ve stuck to more of a textured bob hairstyle which is more of a blunt cut. This time we switched things up and at first I wasn’t loving it completely, but now I’m in love with the layered bob! Whether you go with a simple blowout style or jazz things up with some curls, the layers in this short hairstyle look beautiful. To see more about this cut by Chris, scroll to below! 

I always recommend doing solid research on hairstylists who specialize in the hair cut you’re looking to get. For example, in my case, I would need to be checking reviews of short hair stylists who have executed the layered bob, textured bob, or other short haircuts I’m looking to possibly get. Check their social media pages, reviews from previous clients online, and be clear with what short hairstyle you’d like once you’ve contacted them! 


Styling a Layered Bob Haircut

Since I’ve gotten home and been able to play around and style my new layered bob hairstyle on my own, I’ve found these four products by L’ange have done the trick: Glaze hair lotion, Sorbet smoothing balm, Posh hair polish, and Salt & Sea texturizing spray. This covers my bases for heat protectant, frizz reduction, and volume! To see how I use these products on a layered hairstyle for best results, see the video below!

Keep in mind, blow drying vs. air drying can make a huge difference in how your hair feels and holds up after styling. Using little to no product can leave your hair falling flat faster, but having too much product weigh your hair down too. Blow drying helps to spread the product evenly throughout your hair and will help give you volume, especially if you have or are going for a layered bob, or any short hairstyle for that matter.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you’d like more hair tutorials – I’ve also got plenty on my YouTube channel! I hope this is most helpful for you in seeing and understanding this layered bob haircut/short hair style a little better and I hope you rock it out!

My Birthday Favorites

I hope you love these birthday favorites as much as I do! Everything you see in this blog post are some of my favorite finds, tried & true businesses, and more that would make for the perfect birthday gift for you or someone you love. I’ve thrown in a little something from everything…home, beauty, wellness & fashion and more. Whether you’re looking for a special something for mom, grandma, your sister, or ideas for yourself – these birthday favorites for sure be a winner! If you try them out or have any suggestions for me to try, leave a comment and I will for sure check them out!

Home & Lifestyle

birthday favorites

1. Turkish Towels: I love these because they’re way more compact than regular towels for on the go & sand doesn’t stick to them like a regular towel which makes it easier to take to the beach.  Not to mention, these are so cute!

2. Stonewall Kitchen: Holy crap- these are dangerous for me. I can’t get enough of their goodies! Seriously, if only you could see my pantry. Stonewall has sauces, marinades, jams, pancake mixes, you name it – it’s all gold!

3. Topanga Laundry Detergent:  I’m a huge lover of all things scents & when it comes to my laundry, I love a lingering scent of a good detergent but I never found what I wanted until the last few years. It’s not just a laundry detergent, it creates an emotion and is so memorable.  It is a luxury item so one cool thing about it is if you want it to last longer, you can take any unscented pod or liquid detergent and add a little bit to your Topanga detergent because truly a little bit goes such a long way in regards to scents!  

My favorite scents from Topanga are Hollywood + Vine (cedar, bergamot, black fig, woodsy, but not too masculine of a scent), Malibu Pier (very masculine, spicy, woodsy/musky), Bel-Air (floral, amber, patchouli, chocolate, reminds me of a detergent I found years ago called Diva Wash) and The Grove (very fruity, fresh, floral, sandalwood, citrus notes). Use code JOCELYN when purchasing!

4. 5 Minute Gratitude Journal:  I love this because at least I’m journaling something & it’s a pretty one you can put on the shelf to reflect on how far you’ve come every year! It’s not pictured in the graphic but I love it! This is a birthday favorite that could work for any occasion really.

5.  PhoneFin: I have tried so many different phone accessories that allow me to hold my phone easier as I love such an active lifestyle and work from my phone a ton, too – PhoneFin is one that I have come across and loved for a while now! I currently have another accessory on my phone and I can’t wait to switch it out with a PhoneFin because it just gets the job done!

6. Casetify: The thing I love most about these cases is that they are durable, available in a variety of customizable cases, and lots of fun designs/colors to choose from!


Beauty & Wellness

Jocelyn's Favorite Things, hydroflask, buxom lip gloss, sunset riot allsaints perfume

1. Buxom gloss in Samantha: This color is truly the best, especially if you have dry lips or just feel the need to have a solid gloss over your lip color.  It’s a great pinky-nude that adds just the right sine without taking away from the color you have there already.

2. Trigger Point Roller & Lacrosse Ball: Rolling truly helps my body everyday! Without it, my muscles are in so much pain; when I do roll out one side of my body’s muscles, I can feel which side of me is looser and working better vs which side is tighter.  Rolling muscles is something you have to ease into & make sure to ask a doctor first just in case! The Lacrosse ball is great for rolling smaller muscle areas like the feet, palms or to pinpoint smaller spots.  

3. Rechargeable Fan: Not only is this a birthday favorite, but it has been a must have in my purse, backpack, car, everywhere! I have multiple of them and have loved them since I bought them! They are not too big and not too small.  Plus, they are rechargeable!  

4. Water Bottles: I’m the type of girl who won’t get her water intake met unless she has a filled water bottle by her at all times.  I’ve searched high and low for a good water bottle that had a handle and didn’t leak and made it easier to haul around.  Here are a few of my faves: Simple Modern TumblerHydraPeak RoadsterStanley Flip Straw Tumbler, Hydro Flask Flex Cap Tumbler       

5. Sunset Riot by AllSaints: For me, one thing I look for in a perfume is a scent that is both masculine & feminine – AllSaints is just that. It’s one of my favorite things that I gift to others as well because it works for anybody truly!  I could best describe it as musky, hints of cedar wood, orange flowers & pink peppers yet it’s still fresh.



Jocelyn's favorite things, nike air max, freepeople overalls, madewell ballcap, canty boots, freebird boots, booties, marc fisher, nordstrom

1. Nike Air Max: I recommend sizing up about a 1/2 size, but I love how comfy & stylish these are!  Definitely a shoe that stands out & gets attention.  You are not just wearing a regular running show with your jeans, you are styling up an outfit! 

2. Cowboy Boots: I’m a huge lover of Canty Boots; she takes old boots and restores them to become something new more like a booty instead of a boot.  I also love Marc Fisher booties (especially these in black and these in cream) & Freebird – they have my heart! 

3. Ball Caps: I love a good ball cap and here are a couple of my favorites from Madewell & Addidas. I love how a good, simple ballcap can change up an outfit and these are both good quality hats to have on hand. 

4. Burns Saddlery: These hats – I can’t stop & won’t stop wearing them! The quality is rock solid; you can customize your hat so it is a little hard for me to quote a price on that but if you are wanting a REAL cowboy hat, this is the place to go! 

5. FreePeople Overalls: These overalls are one of my favorite pairs right now!  I love all the fun colors they come in and are very true to size.  I did do a dryer test and they do indeed shrink a bit but not too much – might be something to consider! 

6. Levi’s Jean Shorts: Last but not least, these shorts! I love them so much that I bought them in multiple colors – so fun and the perfect length for someone like me with long legs. Not to mention, they’re the great quality that Levi’s gives so definitely worth trying out if you’re on the hunt for some solid denim shorts!

L’ange Hair Care Guide

Something for EVERYONE!

I’m so happy you’re here and excited to focus on L’ange, haircare, and showing you a guide to L’ange products I love! I wanted to make this the focus I hear back from customers sometimes about the way they aren’t loving the L’ange products but usually it’s HOW we’re using them that makes all the difference in whether we love them or not & whether we got the right ones or not. It’s also super important to always keep in mind that what works for some may not work for others! If you’re new here, one thing I stress often is the understanding that everyone’s hair is different & what works for one person may not work for another. Listen to your hair! Don’t be afraid to experiment with it to find what it likes best. That being said, I’ve put this guide together and regularly keep it updated with the products I’m currently using and how I use them. I have also taken care to include products I recommend for different hair goals as well as hair types. Keep scrolling for more details!

One awesome thing about the L’ange website is they now have the option to take a hair care quiz; this makes it so you can find out which products L’ange experts recommend for your hair type. I’m also always here and just an email away if you need recommendations for products. Make sure to comment below if you’d like help choosing the right L’ange products for you! Let me know your hair needs, whether it’s dry, oily, curly, straight, etc. and what your style goals are. I’m happy to help always!

Jocelyn's L'ange hair care favorites and how she uses them

Below is a little breakdown for you including products you can try before blow drying to help your styles:

For fine hair & before blow drying:
Glaze hair lotion (adds protection, moisture & volume)
Sorbet leave-in conditioner (helps with humidity as well)
Thermal Magique (for heat protection; it’s not my top fave but the Posh might weigh your hair down a bit if you have thin hair. Very SMALL amount to be used)
Salt & Sea spray (texturizing spray)

For medium-fine hair before blow drying:
Glaze hair lotion (adds protection, moisture, & volume)
Sorbet leave-in conditioner (helps with humidity as well)
Posh (for heat protection only near midshafts – ends of hair)
Salt & Sea spray (texturizing spray)

For thick hair before blow drying:
Glaze hair lotion (adds protection, moisture, & volume)
Sorbet (helps with frizz and tames the hair)
Posh (for heat protection and keeps it more sleek)

**For naturally curly/wavy hair:
Envie leave-in conditioner (apply when hair is wet/damp and diffuse or air dry), Manage Marula Oil hydrating spray, and Glaze hair lotion (for frizz control and softness/hydration)
Sorbet leave-in conditioner (apply same as above)

**Keep in mind for naturally curly/wavy hair less is most definitely more to bring out those natural styles without weighing down the hair or leaving it feel full of product/crunchy! Allow the hair to air dry if you opt out of diffusing it with a blow dryer.

These add ins to your hair (before blow drying) can make the biggest difference for your hairstyle. You’re helping it create volume, control, texture and more. It is so important to get something in your hair to help it & this will make a big difference for your hair!

Make sure to test out amounts in your hair as it can vary depending on your hair! The testing time is so important and that is where you’ll find your favorite hair products/the right amount to use for you before blow drying.

Link to shop L’ange:

Educational L'ange LIVE

I went LIVE on Facebook breaking down L'ange haircare and products that are right for different hair types. If you've been wondering which L'ange products are right for you, this is the perfect video to watch! I talked about some of my favorite products I use as well as others I'd recommend to those in search of solid hair care products. Check this LIVE recap out for more information regarding L'ange products and if you'd like to find out what's right for you, scroll down, click the darker button to go to L'ange's site and take their hair care quiz. Make sure to use code GREATHAIR if you shop!

YouTube: Day 2 Loose Curls

Day 2 loose curls coming at you! It’s incredible how on day 2 of having loose curls your hair can look so different from day one, but you can change it up just a bit. Here are some rocking styling tips for day 2 hair. If you think back to how the hair started, you can see it takes little effort to create a whole new look. Dry shampoo is a saving grace for your day 2 hair as are any oils you use so the hair doesn’t feel dry! You want good hydrated hair, that is manageable and happy. Enjoy this tutorial for day 2 loose hair curls!

JOCE by Design Has Launched!

Cover photo for the blog post, JOCE by Design Has Launched!

The wait is finally over and it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – JOCE by Design has launched! It been a long time coming with so much research as well as time put in. I’m so happy to say that the dream is finally happening! The new online boutique opened officially on Monday February 15th and boy oh boy was it a BUSY day! The support from my viewers, friends, family, and incredible customers has been amazing and so exciting.

Cover photo for the blog post, JOCE by Design Has Launched!

For so long now, I have been a huge supporter of small business and the importance of shopping small.  If you know me, you know I constantly share links from awesome small businesses that I personally love. I love clothes and getting dressed up, but one frustration I noticed many have is putting together outfits! It hit me: people need staple pieces that can be paired in different ways. I wanted to provide those pieces for you to be able to wear  again and again multiple ways – true KEY pieces that allow you to feel beautiful and confident wherever you may be in life! In the recent new release, there are so many different pieces that range from casual to dressy. You’ll find that you can either dress pieces up or down depending on the outfit you put together. 

We've Done the Research for You!

One of my main focuses with creating this boutique is helping women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones, etc. love themselves always! There are so many clothing lines and businesses that don’t carry certain pieces of clothing in plus sizes and I’ve heard from so many incredible girls how disappointing this can be. After doing hours of research and hunting, I chose clothing that was offered in a variety of sizes for all my gorgeous babes! 

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful daily, find key pieces of clothing easily, and love themselves truly. That’s exactly what my new shop aims to do. We’ve found pieces that are high quality, lasting, simple, but gorgeous and worth it! 


I want women to feel their best while utilizing what they have and while I may carry the basics now for you, I still love that I can uplift other small businesses by encouraging my shoppers to pair their outfits with pieces others carry! For example, easily dressing up a top from my shop with a cute necklace or rings from *Goldie Lew, *Abby Alley, and/or *Amanda Deer or pairing a sweater with some cute jeans from Rural Haze. You CAN create that perfect outfit girl, I believe in you and now with JOCE by Design, the possibilities are truly endless!

*For discount codes and more info about these gorgeous boutique babes, click here to check my blog post about them!

Top 5 Female-Owned Businesses

Travel Quotes Photo Collage
Travel Quotes Photo Collage

If you’ve been following me, you know my heart lies with small businesses and I think it’s about time I share my top 5 female-owned businesses. Jewelry, clothing, home decor, and so much more – I love shopping small and finding those who will truly take the time to show their customers they care and are passionate about what they do! Here are a few of my tried-and-true favorites – be sure to click on the links below each shop as they will redirect you to their site! 

I found Milltown Soap Co. about a year ago and have been so grateful since to have come across her page! The company was started in 2016 by Rebekah Creamer and in 2019 she launched her candle line. She is one of the most creative and kindest souls I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with and her products are serious must-haves. She takes special care to use plant-based ingredients and all her products are paraben and phalate free. One of my favorites by Milltown Soap Co. is the Frost scented candle – it only comes out around Christmas time but it’s such a good gift and smells SO good! If you don’t have her products, you’re missing out! From bath salts and shampoo bars to candles and sugar scrubs – make sure to check out her Instagram and site below!

Abby Alley is an incredible American women-owned and run business that has quickly become one of my top 5 female-owned businesses; they have partnered with talented artisans in Kenya and Tanzania to create such timeless and lasting jewelry, bags, and more. Abby, the incredible founder of the company, started Abby Alley after teaching in a school in Tanzania in 2016 where she learned about East African culture, craft, and fair trade. She began working with artisans and testing the market with an online store before finally launching her brand, Abby Alley, in November of 2018. She has created a business with a strong foundation rooted in several important values: authenticity, collaboration, quality, sustainability, timelessness, and transparency. A few of my favorite pieces are the Heritage earrings and the Sling Bag – both lasting pieces that are functional and stylish with just about anything! Be sure to click the links below to browse her beautiful collection of brass jewelry and so much more – you can use my code, JOCELYN15, for a discount!

Shannon Buth is an incredible Boss Babe who has created a company with the sole purpose of bringing women together. As she so perfectly puts it, “Every woman deserves to be surrounded by other strong, supportive women to thrive. We’re better together.” The intent behind it all is to spread love, the understanding of imperfection, and connection. The Imperfect Heart pin is one of my favorite products by her, one that I just had to purchase and share with my own team of incredible women as it states to “live what you love.” Shannon has also made it so that $5 of each purchase made on her site is donated to women’s charities. Make sure to check out her Instagram and site below to browse some awesome House of Shan attire and those incredible pins I mentioned!

I came across Amanda Deer Jewelry thanks to one of my awesome assistants (you rock Ches!) and one of my FAVORITE pieces to wear daily is from there. Anyone who’s followed me for the last year or so knows that my Moon & Stars necklace is everything to me and one of my favorite pieces to gift to other incredible women in my life. Amanda Eddy, the mastermind behind the company, has done an amazing job at creating a Texas-based business full of creativity and her pieces amaze me to no end. Everyone needs a timeless piece from her so be sure to check out her business linked below – use my code JOCELYN, for a discount!

Words don’t do this company justice – Jazlyn and I have been good friends since high school and a while back she began creating jewelry, but stopped when she began having more babies. I always wanted her to continue though because she was incredibly talented and was so happy when she came out with new pieces! Since then, she’s been creating gorgeous jewelry and has been so successful as I knew she’d be – her company has truly flourished over time! Her pieces are timeless, lasting, and just gorgeous. She’s created multiple pieces alongside Native American jewelers, something that makes her stand apart from others. A couple of my all-time favorite pieces of her jewelry are the Jocelyn ring, the Paisley ring, and the 5 Bar ring amongst the many necklaces I have as well. Jaz is my go-to for statement pieces and I love that these are pieces that could be passed down for generations to come! You can click the links below to check out her beautiful pieces on Instagram or her website – use my code, JOCELYN, for a discount!

Holiday Gift Guide – My Favorites

photo of presents as the featured photo for the holiday gift guide blog post
photo of presents as the featured photo for the holiday gift guide blog post

I’m so excited to share my gift guide for 2020! It can be a hassle trying to find the perfect gift for each of your loved ones but I got you covered this year! Below, you’ll find some clickable links to take you to the products; I hope you love them as much as I do!

P.S. If you’re reading this before Black Friday, some of them have got some great deals going on so check them out!

Shopping… Why is it so Overwhelming?


So much to choose from yet so much confusion on how to pick!

I can’t say enough about how the fashion industry just gets it – not only have they come full circle with what I wore when I was nine to what I see in the stores today, (and I mean that EXACT style) but they’ve also got everything and anything you could possibly think of wearing! We really do have options to mix things up – heck, even the American hip-hop artist Andy Mineo talks about wearing “black on black on black on black” in my favorite song “Coming in Hot” cause ladies, it IS hot; it IS a thing. Not only that, but wearing white after Labor Day is no longer on the naughty list, in fact, we can wear all kinds of gold, silver, rose gold, pearls, diamonds, and so much more all at the same time. IT’S EPIC! One thing we didn’t have when I was nine though was online shopping; online shopping from huge department stores or small boutiques wasn’t an option like it is now and I’m sure my mom and dad were grateful cause this girl changed her clothes about 4 times a day already as it was!


I just created a dang awesome YouTube video, if I do say so myself (at least I think so), of how to piece outfits together from what we gather on Pinterest using what we already have in our closets. I created this video because not only have you told me that so many of you need help shopping, but I have to let you in on some of my own feelings here. 

When I started Instagramming I felt overwhelmed (why is shopping overwhelming?), like I HAD to buy clothes all the time. Because what if you all want a link to something I’m wearing and it’s old and there’s no link to it, or what if I already had it on in a previous video? How would I be able to tell someone what video to go to if I was wearing the same thing in all the videos, or what if I’m only in a t-shirt and jeans and it’s not professional enough, or what if I didn’t keep up with the other fashionistas around me? What voice do I have and who would listen if I couldn’t do that?

The thing about jewelry is if you buy right and stick with pieces that don’t fade or tarnish, your pieces can last forever. Yes, it costs a little more to get pieces that have real stones, sterling silver, or that are gold-filled, but look at it this way: I can wear all those pieces time and time again and nothing changes. I can only wear cheaper jewelry a couple of times and it becomes faded and tarnished. All in all, it’s so much more worth it to invest in the pieces that will last!

Goldie Lew has amazing pieces starting in the $30 range and going through the $300 range, however, most of their pieces are in the $100 range. This may seem pricey, but I will say from experience that they last and I am constantly being asked where I got the pieces I wear!

Amanda Deer’s pieces are around the $30-$60 range. While all her pieces are absolutely gorgeous, I tend to pay more attention to the ones that are gold filled because, in my opinion, they will last longer. Keep in mind that this also makes them cost a little more, but again it’s so worth it!

All in all, the dainty pieces and the bold statements that come with each of them make it so easy to incorporate into your daily style. What you choose to wear and your overall style is a part of your first impression, so let people know who you are. Stand tall with that statement ring, or that necklace that tells your story and go after it girl because it should be just one more thing that helps you feel more confident showing the world who you are!


I’ll fill my cart online with all kinds of cute clothes and before I buy it, I ask myself: do I really want this or, do I really need this? Do I have something already like this? Sometimes, after all that time I spent putting things into the cart, nothing comes of it. If I can’t stop thinking about it though, that’s when it makes its way into my home and I never look back, baby! “Get it while it’s hot” is what I like to tell myself (lol) but that’s ONLY if I really feel I need it. I took the time to make sure it really was what I wanted, instead of just looking to put something in the closet off of a mood. The organization that I already did in my closet not only helped me then, but it continues to help me to remember what I currently have because sometimes we just forget!

I LOVE online shopping and I love shopping small; I don’t want it to feel overwhelming to others and I want everyone to feel like they are getting the most out of what they buy and want. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more this has helped me. We can dive into more detail in another blog, but the moral to it all is that we’ve got amazing hacks at our fingertips and heck yes, it’s awesome! We just need to help ourselves not become so overwhelmed; in the end, it comes down to your closet and what you like but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that shopping is fun, having fun clothes is fun, but having chaos around you, isn’t near as fun. I plan to dive so much more into clothes and styling so expect more to come on YouTube and Instagram. I can’t wait to have some fun with you lovelies and with all of us working together, we can show how we make our closets rock – and have the best time doing it!