Welcome to the Color Match Packets!

I’ve put together these color match packets to help you out in understanding your new Seint makeup, Seint color match, and to give some in depth help only found here! I covered all avenues of Seint makeup from parties, eyeshadow combinations, and lip & cheeks to brushes, skincare, and more. Make sure to click through the color match packet below to read but if you’d like to access the links underlined throughout the packets, click the button below each color match packet to download the PDF version and save it to your device. After reading through the packet, reach out to me to have a party opened with Seint so you can get started and build up those rewards! 

If you have any questions regarding your Seint color match or the color match packet, email me at fitmissionmakeup@gmail.com and we can chat!

Below is the Color Match Packet – some print may be a little small however you can zoom in for a better view of it! Make sure to read through it all and save it to refer back to over time as there is valuable information that will help you now and later.