Birthday Favorites 2023

Tomorrow is my birthday! This year I wanted to do something fun with this newsletter. I always like to reflect (as you might have heard in my Instagram stories) and so with this, I wanted to reflect on some of the key products or things that really have changed my life ever since I started working in social media for my businesses.

Back in the day, I was a mom whose husband worked many hours a day. Some days I would only see him for two hours, he would come home and nap and then get back to work. At that point in life, I was in the midst of having babies and trying to be the most perfect housewife, putting a lot of pressures on myself. I made sure that every child was taken care of perfectly, packing Brady’s suitcases for him and ironing all of his clothes, doing all his laundry, and making sure there was food on the table all the time. I made sure I was fulfilling my wifely duties, not because Brady asked for it, but because that’s what I thought I needed to do. While in this time of life, (you may have heard me speak of this if you’ve seen me talk on social media) I used to not take off my make up nor would I wash my face because I didn’t feel like I was pretty without it. There were a lot of internal struggles going on in my life at this time.

You might have heard me talk about the time when Brady told me one day that I was a negative person and how much that pivotal moment influenced me to change my life. It was then that I started trying a new routine of waking up in the mornings and making it a priority to take in the sunrise; and finally to tell myself three positive things I noticed/am grateful for in that moment.

That was the first step I took to change my life. The other huge step was making fitness a habit. I wanted to do more than just work out; I was looking for a specific vision I had, and a goal I was putting my mind to. It took a lot of time and research to find someone for me. I had way more to work on than just fitness. But I knew if I could start working out and taking care of me, it would be my first step. You may not know this, but my mom suffered her first heart attack in her early 50s; following her attack, she suffered broken bones from the smallest instances. One of them was just by taking a step – there it went, her foot broke. I knew I needed to make a different path since our we share genetics and many health issues can be hereditary.

Jessie Hilgenberg & Jessie's Girls

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In comes Jessie Hilgenberg. This woman absolutely changed my life; not only was she a trainer not focused solely on weight loss like so many others, but she believed in overall health & not quick fad diets that jack up the body in other ways longterm. When I say she’s the real deal, massively down to earth and such an incredible human, I mean it. She’s one of the biggest pivotal people in my life to this day. When I say I’ve done all her plans, I promise I’ve done them ALL (I might have skipped prenatal). I mean, they are so so good, I’ve never wanted to venture to anyone else, even now YEARS down the road. So of course I had to share her with you.

 Make sure to use code JOCE10 when purchasing one of her fitness programs for a discount!

Seint Beauty (fka Maskcara Beauty)

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Can we take a second to recognize growth in the little things too? This photo is one of my very first I’d taken as I practiced taking flat lays back when I first joined Seint. It’s been a long time coming and when I look back, I can’t help but feel so proud of the growth there. Seint, known as “Maskcara” in 2017, catapulted my life! 

I had no idea how to work a business, grow a business, I just knew I needed something for myself in life. Brady was at a point he wasn’t as busy with life since he had just sold his company him and his bro worked so hard for. And I knew I had something I wanted to do for women. I was in a place with my fitness Instagram page where I’d want to have women take care of themselves and one of those ways was getting ready for the day. It was a purpose I had before “Maskcara” came into my life and it’s something to this day my heart dives in probably even deeper. And as I write this I tear up. 

I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me to have Seint. I see so many people leave the companies they were with and truly “love” within Seint is so deep because of the problems it solves. And the problems are not skin deep. It’s deeper. Soulful deeper and it’s weird to find that within a makeup company, but when a makeup company SOLVES so many problems that isn’t just putting product on the face, you understand more why it’s a powerful product. 

My first reason for wanting the product was, I could take it on quick trips without overfilling my carry-on suitcase. Cause man! My makeup bag was huge. All those individual MAC eyeshadows and bottles were filling things up. Enter a tiny palette, remove the bag and have a small pencil bag for brushes and mascara and bam. 

That was my first problem solver and it grew from there. My heart is forever grateful for this makeup! It’s just makeup but yet it isn’t! It’s beauty that teaches beauty somehow from within. 

Seint Creme

Formerly known as Milk moisturizer when Seint was Maskcara, this stuff was literally sent from the heavens for me when I needed it most and didn’t even realize it. 

This picture includes my skin BEFORE the Seint creme, when I hadn’t done a single skin treatment, never had a facial, and for sure wasn’t taking care of my skin whatsoever. The transformation you see wasn’t just on the surface, although how insane is that glow up? Taking care of my skin was another big first step towards learning to take care of ME and while my skincare regimen has changed slightly over the years, the Seint creme is always near and dear to my heart and made a huge difference for my skin. I also love still that when I apply it to the troughs of my eyes in the morning, you can visibly see the magic within the cream and how hydrated and relaxed my skin becomes just by using a little bit.

CURE Gentle Exfoliator

The Seint Creme (Milk Moisturizer back in the day) was my first love. But this CURE was my next skin care love! I hadn’t exfoliated with anything like it before and still haven’t. This was that thing that I was mind blown over and it’s kind of fun to use. You don’t put it on your face with wet hands and wet face. After your face has been washed, and pretty much all dry, and your hands might be a tiny bit damp, you get a couple pumps and place it on your face and swirling around, moving it all over the face, and as you build up friction with movement from your hands, tiny pieces of skin will start to slough off. You’ll get more and more skin that beads up onto the face that is being softly exfoliated and separated from the skin. It’s gentle on the skin, not harsh at all and something that my sensitive skin loves. Love this stuff so much, I use it a couple times a week is all. 

Mindset and What Changed For Me

This 5 minute journal was one of the first things I bought when I made the decision to start working on my mindset. I knew I needed to change the way I looked at things but I didn’t know how and at the time, I didn’t want to spend much time working on it (to be clear, how I see mindset now is NOT how I saw it then). One tip I now know is when starting over, turning a new leaf, beginning again – have at it, and make sure you’re not overworking yourself so you don’t lose interest in it. 

One of the first books I read that focused on mindset was by Bobby Bones, “Fail Until You Don’t – Fight. Grind. Repeat.” Talk about coming from nothing and making life work out for him. The way he writes this book made me read it back to back, as in, I read it, and re-read it the day after I ended the book. I definitely was never a reader; I have now read more books in the last two years than I’ve read my entire life. So that’s saying something when I tell you I read it back to back.

Laneige Lip Mask

I still remember to this day being in my friends car and using this for the first time! I even tried other products but the way this stayed on my lips and made them feel protected I just loved it all so much! So here we are years later. A product I couldn’t stop using. My kids use it, gifting it has been a thing for me and stocking stuffers it’s always. It had to make the list of goodness that has a memory in my heart I don’t want to forget. 

The Special Steamer

As I look back at the growth in my life, even though I closed down my shop, I grew. I grew so much because of this boutique. When it started it was because I wanted to work hand in hand with other small businesses. My favorite part of the boutique was the small finds I’d add into the business. 

Back when I had my boutique active, Joce by Design, we were on the hunt for a solid steamer to make sure all the clothes used for modeling, photos, and more were always in tip top shape. (I was using a hand steamer one day and thought SURELY there has to be something better!) One of my assistants found this one and looking back, it was probably one of the best purchases I ever made for the boutique. GAME CHANGER! Even in my personal life. Many stories were shared around this steamer, not only between me and my assistants, but also with my own children. It proved to be more than just handy for work, but also for the whole family. It’s one part of the boutique that when I look at it, it floods back the memories. Now this pink little lady is kept in my closet and she’s still loved.

Simple Modern

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Simple Modern and I go way back – and I mean waaaay back. Back to when I was still up and coming in my social media business knowledge. They gave me a chance and understood my heart! That’s not an easy thing in social media, especially at the time. Companies would just want big “influencers” to work with and I was just a little fish. They’ve been a company I’ve loved working with, time and time again, for giveaways, events, and more. Not only do I value my relationship with their company, but I can’t count how many times I’ve given a tumbler from Simple Modern as a gift. They’re such good quality, have tons of unique design/color options, and they have something for every single age. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our future collaborations!

Racquel Frisella & RFA Skincare Products

Even though Seints skincare had helped me so much,  and the Seint cream is a conquering favorite of all things for me – I needed more skincare and my skin took a super weird shift when my body went through some health issues. Enter Racquel. Where do I even begin with Racquel? I was recommended to her by a friend and now I recommend her to all my friends too – Racquel is truly the best of the best and the effort she puts in to make sure her skincare products are high quality doesn’t go unnoticed. From the Koji Pads to the face cleanser, my skin loves it all and the one on one client experience provided is priceless. She truly takes care of each of her clients and listens to their concern to thoroughly help them achieve the skin they deserve. She is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met. She’s someone everyone needs to know and I love her soul! I love that she also works with people from all over as you can receive a free consultation with her online to discuss your skin concerns, needs, and what to expect.

Glazé Hair Lotion by L'ange

The Glaze is one of the very first products I ever used and noticed a huge change in my hair. It is by far one of my favorite products I’ve ever found for my hair and truly seen it work it’s magic. It’s also one of the first L’ange products I tried when I first became a L’ange affiliate and I’ve recommended it to hundreds if not thousands of women at this point for keeping their hair protected and soft. I’m currently unable to use it as it has sunflower oil and I’ve learned my body doesn’t quite tolerate sunflower oil but aside from that, it’s still one of my top favorite haircare products!

Tripole Mini Fan

This fan – it might seem like such a small and random item to share but it’s had significant meaning for me since I purchased it. When my anxiety really started to take a toll on my mental and physical health, and especially during Covid lockdowns, with all the change and chaos – keeping this on me at all times was a life saver. Having it close by to cool me down, help me breathe and just relax whether at home or even traveling (if you know me, you know the anxiety I struggle with when it comes to flying and traveling long distances) was truly a tiny blessing with big benefits. I like that this fan is rechargeable, fits easily in most purses/handbags, and it’s powerful!

I know a lot of these are products one might ask why I’d include them in this sort of blog, but I wanted to share the stories behind why these products have become favorites and not just because they “work well” but because they came into my life at pivotal moments. Thank you for being on this journey with me and if you read it all the way through to the end, you’re amazing because I know it was a bit of a read. Have you ever tried any of these products? If so, let me know in the comments what’s been a gamechanger for you – I want to hear about it!

As always, if you have any questions remember that I’m always here and just an email away. You can reach me at fitmissionmakeup@gmail.com and if you’re ever in need of any visual guidance, I have plenty of tutorials and videos on my YouTube Channel (click HERE to check it out), Facebook (click HERE to check it out) or Instagram (click HERE to check it out). I’d love to connect with you – thank you again for being here! 


64 Replies to “Birthday Favorites 2023”

  1. Happiest of birthdays to you girl! Take some time and celebrate you and what an amazing person you are!!

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you! You are a special kind of person, so thoughtful, caring and loving. 🎂🎂🎂🎂Enjoy every moment!✨☀️🩷

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Hope you have a spectacular day with the beautiful family you created!! You have also brought together strangers, all of us that follow you from all over the world, and made us Family too. You did that with your kind words and loving heart. Thank you Jocelyn 🎂🎂🎂 Now go celebrate you and eat some cake 🎂🎂🎂❤️

    2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOCE. After the lose of my husband I was grieving. Watching your stories gave me reason. I got color matched by you and ordered my palette. That was my first step. Thank you for all you have done for me. I love Seint!

  3. I love Seint make up and their moisturizer. Both have definitely been game changers for me in my make up and skin care routine. Thank you for all your help Jocelyn.

  4. I love seint, I love the creme, love the exfoliater, love the glaze….yes I trust your recommendations!!! And today I will be ordering the 5 min journal and TRYING to start a new habit. Thanks for all the work you put into researching these products. I also now have fantastic sunscreen for my face that doesn’t feel gross because of you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOCE!!!!

  5. Happy birthday. Relax and enjoy family with celebrations. Thx for the informative newsletter. Love some of the products; fan, glaze, and of course Seint. Love following you. You are so caring and honest. Your explanations are very much appreciated. Have a super day.

  6. Love all the time you put into your newsletter and your clients. Have a wonderful birthday. We love you.

  7. Happy 🎂Happy🎂Birthday🎂Jocelyn!
    I so appreciate your talents you share with all of us! You’ve introduced me to a new world of makeup colors and application that has changed me for the better! You are a beautiful caring soul……you’ve shared your heart when things were heavy and tough for you, and also the fun and laughter when your heart jumped with joy. You’re real….and that’s why you’re loved so much!
    Thank you for being a great online friend!!
    Happy Birthday! 🎂❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️

  8. Happiest of birthdays to you Jocelyn! Wishing you a year of love, laughter & dreams coming true. Thank you for lifting my spirit over the last few years. You touched my heart during Covid while binge watching your videos. You gave me a reason to put on mascara with my mask. Love ya.

  9. What a wonderful newsletter from a WONDERFUL lady!! You make us all better people!! I’ve used almost all of the items that you have suggested…Glaze, Raquel’s products, & Seint’s cream. Don’t know where my hair or makeup would be without you!!

    Have a great birthday!! We all love you so much!!

  10. Today is a day to celebrate special YOU and all that you’ve experienced throughout the years. You’ve touched many souls through your journey, and, I for one, eternally grateful. So, wishing you more growth, discovery, success, happiness, and health as you begin another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday to you! 🎶🎶

  11. Happy Wonderful You birthday! Let your light shine bright and dim when you want to!
    Big hug as you start another year focusing on the people, places, and things that bring you joy. There’s no one like you. Honor that for yourself! 🥰🥳

  12. Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration. I love your blogs and stories. Your beauty inside matches your outside and that’s a rare thing now a days. I first started following you cause I LOVED your hair cuts. But then Seint got me and their makeup has been the best change yet for me. Your posts are real and something I can relate to and I appreciate that so much. You are appreciated and I hope you never stop posting.

  13. Happy Birthday my friend. I loved what you said in this. You are so right especially when you talked about getting angry with our kids over silly things. This was the best news letter you have done. I have used the fan it was a life saver for me. With my MS I over heat all the time and this has helped me so much. So thank you again.

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Jocelyn! Thank you for taking the time and energy to do ALL that you do! It’s a LOT! I know you do it with the motivation of love…wanting to help others feel their best. At 66 years, of age, you helped me change things up with Seint makeup & brushes, L’ange, Topanga Scents, Stigma primer, & Cure. I agree with you, too, about our mindset being so important. I start my day by doing a devotional that’s titled “Hope” by Nancy Guthrie. The author lost two children to the same illness. After my husband passed away, this devotional has helped me to focus on Who Christ is and how He is worthy of my trust because of His sacrificial love for me. I’ve also been doing a Bible study in Colossians where Paul is encouraging the church in Colossae to remember that Christ is enough and to keep following Him. All of that to say, I do have to intentionally refocus my mind on Christ when I become discouraged or lonely. We don’t just drift into becoming the person God wants us to be. It takes a lot of work and effort. Thank you again for everything! I pray that you have the BEST birthday and that the year ahead will be full of many blessings!!!😊❤️

  15. Happy Birthday Jocelyn. You are a special person to me and to many ladies who follow you. Stay focus in your journey, I wish you all the love you deserve. Enjoy your day tomorrow

  16. Thank you for the nice newsletter. Thank you for sharing your world with us and for introducing me to Seint makeup, which I love! Happy Birthday!

  17. A very happy and continued blessed birthday, today and in years to come.
    You are definitely an inspiration to all and I look foward to you sharing more.

  18. Happy happy birthday! Hope you celebrate and enjoy! And look at you on your special day ensuring we have great finds!

  19. Have a wonderful birthday and an even better year!
    Thank you for all that you share and all that you’ve taught me!

  20. There are no words that would sing loud enough to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL. You change so many lives on the daily with your realness (is that even a word?). You were beautiful back then and you are stunning now. Although I don’t buy a lot of products, I LOVE watching your videos, listening to your life lessons, and watching you dance. DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. Thank you for being you! You make a difference!

  21. Happy Birthday!!

    You show so much joy and heart in all your posts which reflects who you are!! Many blessings for a fun filled birthday full of love and laughter 🥳🎈🥳🎈

  22. Have a blessed birthday tomorrow!! I have tried several products have recommended over the years. My favorite being Seint makeup! It is a game changer and I don’t see myself ever turning back. Your color match for me was spot-on…thank you so much. I also use and love the Glaze Hair Lotion. It leaves my hair soft yet manageable…love it. I am anxious to try the Cure exfoliant; it sounds intriguing.
    Again, happy birthday and thanks for sharing your favorites and being so upbeat. It’s always fun to watch your tutorials and learn some hints and tips.

  23. Happy Birthday to a very special person who has helped me so much…makeup, style and mental state. I love so many of the products you mentioned and glad you shared them in the past. The mini fan is such a GREAT find!thanks again and enjoy your day, Beautiful!

  24. Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a wonderful day. I always love your hair and makeup. I love how open you are and goofy you are at times! Sending all good vibes to you.

  25. I really searched for someone with a Christlike style and so enjoy your blogs. I don’t get to catch you LIVE as often as I want (somebody has to pay the bills LOL) but I do try and go back and watch them as often as possible.
    Happiest of birthdays. You are an inspiration

  26. Happy Birthday!! I love your mindset, and your positivity and realness. You are an awesome person, and it shows! Don’t worry about anybody on social media, who may or may not agree with you, and also really don’t worry about anybody that does agree with you! You know who you are, and you live your life! I also love that you are not ashamed to Profess Jesus Christ love for everyone! Happy birthday and many more! So glad I found Seint because of you and it could’ve come in a more pivotal time in my life to make me feel better about myself during a divorce! I truly enjoy watching your content! Happy birthday❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I hope your day is the Absolute Best, just like you!
    You are such a Joy and so much fun to listen to!
    Truth be known you are a HOOT!

    Have a Blessed Birthday My Dear,

  28. Happy Birthday, Joce

    Thank you for all you do for me as well as all your clients…. I am 73 and wish I had someone like you in my life years ago. You are so authentic and have been a shining light for me when I retired and felt so useless not going to work each day to be who each person in my division needed me to be.. you make me pause and I am still learning how to be good to myself !! Thank you !! Rebecca Hinkle, Virginia!!!

  29. Thank you for you sharing your journey with us, not just the pristine times but your struggle times, figuring out times and quirky times as well. All of these “times” you share, you connect with people on a personal level and it’s so comforting to know we’re not alone and have some remedies to ease our own “times”. Have an amazing birthday!!!

  30. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your special day doing what makes you happy!! I love everything you do and am so grateful to have found you and to have you as my artist with Seint!!! I love your transparency and love for Jesus! God bless you and your family ❤️

  31. Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the time you devote to helping us feel better about ourselves. I’m almost 65 and have become obssessed lately with improving my skin. I got a consultation from Racquel recently and I’m trying to decide which products to start with. I love Seint makeup and how it makes my skin feel. Make sure you take time for yourself on your special day!

  32. Happy Birthday & wishing you a wonderful year! BTW, I’ve been using the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for 2 years & no more chapped lips. I have gifted it to family & friends and everyone loves it.

  33. Happy Birthday Beauty!! Thank you for always be authentic and open to sharing yourself and being vulnerable with us and for us!! Many happy returns of the day!!

  34. Happiest of birthdays to you Joce!!
    I love that you share products that you love.
    Without a doubt Seint is number one!
    On your suggestion I tried the Cure exfoliator and love it.
    I also use the Lange Glaze product. Love it as well.
    Next on my list I believe I need to try the Seint moisturizer.
    Thank you!

  35. Happy Happy Birthday Joc! ❤️ I hope you have a wonderful blessed day! What a gift you are to women, teaching us all things makeup, skin care and just yummy girl stuff!
    You have a beautiful soul and truly being a Christ follower shines through every tutorial!
    Thank you for taking such good care of all your people and Seint gals! We all adore you!

  36. Love. Love. Love. This and you! HBJ!!! Celebrating you today and always! Keep doing you! ❤️‍🩹🎂🎈

  37. Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing so much in your birthday blog and everything else over the last few years. Keep on inspiring us and shining as brightly as you do! 🥳🧁💕

  38. Happy Birthday Jocie! I appreciate all your helpful tips and recommendations! I pray you have a fabulous day celebrating and the best year to come!!

  39. Happy Birthday, Joce!! Hoping this special day brings you love and light. You are appreciated more than you know. Thank you for giving me the bit of confidence I’ve always lacked. Keep on rocking your life!!

  40. Happy Birthday, Joce! Thank you so much for all the time spent in helping us with all things hair & make up! Also for positive vibes & mindset! Sure appreciate you! Have a wonderful day!
    Beth Ann

  41. Happiest of Birthdays Joce!! I hope you know what an impact you have made in my life and many many others! ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Happy Birthday! Have a great Birthday month. Lovehow much time and education you put into your posts. Love so many of your favorites. Thank you!

  43. Happy Birthday Joce! Cheers to a wonderful year! 🥳
    I’m so happy your my artist… you’re the best!🎂

  44. Happy, happy birthday to YOU! I just love your spirit and the generous way you share yourself with others. So happy to have found you a little over a year ago. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and celebrate with all your favorite things and people!

  45. Happy Birthday Jos!!!! I hope you have had an amazing day and I pray this coming year every aspect of your life is blessed beyond what you could ever have imagined…..pressed down, shaken together and running over!!!! Thank you for always sharing your heart 💜❤️💚💙

  46. Now I understand why I was drawn to you! Happy Birthday to us! You have taught me a lot about hair and makeup. But more than that your quest for self care is mine. I’m 74 years young and love my life. I’ve worked hard, played hard, raised a family and now enjoying life as “seniors”! My husband Skip and I are 46 years married! Growing together is key! Happy Birthday Joce! I’d love to meet you someday!

  47. Happy Birthday to You! Just a Little Late! You are such an inspiration to me, and for that I am so grateful. I’m happy just being in your presence…..even if it is through a glass screen! You’re fabulous! Wishing you a Wonderful Year Ahead Full of all the Very Best of God’s Sweet Blessings. Be Well Jocelyn. ❤️

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