Gift Bundle Ideas 2023

My love language is gifting and not just any gift, but those that are tried and true by me. I love to give the things I love and in that I’m literally sharing the love with others – below is a guide of great gift box/bundle items that could easily be paired together to create your own custom gift box for someone you love too. Whether it’s a gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, a new graduate, etc. these are all gifts that you can’t go wrong with – take a look!

Below you will find a numbered list. They are numbered so you know what link goes with what picture but also so you can create your own basket with ease. Below you will also find a numbered guide of some bundle ideas you could piece together for others. These are just ideas though – the sky is the limit! I wanted you to be able to mix and match however you want and for what suits you or your peoples’ needs.

Here are a few examples of gift bundles/baskets you could easily create whether it’s for Mothers Day, a birthday, or simply just because you want to do something special for someone you love. These are favorites of my own that I truly feel you and your people would love as well and make for some of the most thoughtful gifts – what bundle would you create for someone?

Speaking of mixing and matching, one of the number one things I’m being asked about right now is eyeshadow combinations. It dawned on me that I actually use a lot of the same colors but sometimes I wear them differently each time. Check out these ideas below and I made sure to link all the colors in one palette under the looks so keep scrolling for those details!

eyeshadow bundles

One of the best things about shopping online with Seint is if I give you an eyeshadow palette with all the colors in it already, you can still customize it based on what’s in your personal inventory. So if there are any colors you see that you already have in your current collection, you can remove them from the palette so you don’t get any duplicates or replace them with another color you’d like to try. Below is the link to shop the palette with all the colors from these looks included!

You might wonder why I paired gift bundles and eyeshadows together in a blog post and part of it is gift giving is one of my love languages and I love sharing the things I love with those I love. But another is that eyeshadows give you the chance to tell your own story each day, to INTENTIONALLY show a piece of who you are! I hope you’re able to pull some great ideas from the guide above and gift more intentionally and thoughtfully, but I also hope you feel inspired to be creative and truly show yourself through the eyes you can create. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so don’t be afraid to intentionally show off how beautiful yours is!

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  1. I’m happy for you as I sensed you were being “intimidated “ with various issues and I felt like and posted it.
    Just ignore the attacks.
    Now my friend. Artist of the YEAR. relax and keep your natural charm shine.
    Like I shared before I’m 80 and look it without this second skin. Thanks and bless you. I’m raised the same. God created us and you are an over comer and your arm will constantly remind you of His Grace and to keep fighting. Love ya

  2. I work for L’Occitane! Loved that you picked two of are awesome products!! You should try the New Im Body Balm.

  3. Thanks Joce
    Love all of seint s products .I think I have the best artist of all. Just love the way you teach us about makeup. You are the best.

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