Gua Sha & Jade Rolling: How This Could Help You

Gua Sha and Facial Roller

Gua Sha is an ancient tool of Chinese medicine that has recently been trending all over social media. The results of using this facial tool have varied from person to person but the underlying benefits are no joke! Not only does Gua Sha help relieve tension in facial muscles, it also promotes lymphatic drainage and boosts blood circulation. It may seem new for some but it’s actually been around for a very long time and I want to share some awesome benefits to using this technique!

Another popular tool used alongside Gua Sha is the Jade Roller. Used together, these can babies can work wonders for your skin. Rollers are also used to improve blood circulation in the face just as the Gua Sha however it’s recommended to use it as the last step. You may have seen these tools trending online and you can get them in many different colors! I’ll be sure to share a link below to what I use!

Black Gua Sha

I highly recommend storing both of these skincare tools in a cold place such as a freezer or refrigerator. The reason for this is that the cold stone can help to reduce or restrict the blood flowing in areas on your face. While doing this, the act of rolling the cold stone outwards pushes lymph, a fluid under the skin, towards your lymph nodes. When this happens, the lymph nodes will then work to break down toxins found within. Here are some benefits to both: 

Jade Rolling:

    • Improve headaches
    • Decrease puffiness of the lowers eyelids
    • Lessen sinus pressure
    • Calm the mind
    • Soothes the skin
    • Keeps wrinkles at bay
    • Allows other skincare products to fully absorb into your skin

Gua Sha:

  •  Promotes blood flow & circulation in the face
  •  Relaxes the facial muscles
  • Can be used on other muscles to alleviate pain
  • Helps reduce neck pain 
While this technique may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I would say it’s definitely worth trying at least once! Make sure to use with a face oil and not against dry skin as that can irritate it further. Click here for the link to the tool duo that I use and recommend for others! I hope this was helpful for all you lovelies and for sure leave a comment letting me know what you think!

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