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My Current Hair Care

Wondering what I’m currently using in my hair for style, hold, etc.? I’ve got you covered with all the details in this blog post – keep reading for more info!

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layered bob haircut

Layered Bob Hairstyle

This layered hairstyle is different than what I’ve been doing for a while now (textured ends, blunt bob) but I’m loving it! All thanks to the mastermind Chris Jones, this hair cut is so cute no matter which way you style it!

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Seint beauty lip & cheek shades

Seint Beauty FAQ’s

What is Seint makeup? How do I become a Seint artist? Where do I begin? All you questions answered in one place – check this out!

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Balance is Key


I want you to envision the things in your life & all the aspects you want to hit or do every single day; is there

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