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Dry brittle hair, split ends, you name it, it’s annoying! Are you doing all the things and nothing seems to be working with improving the overall health of your hair!? You do the hair treatments and your hair still breaks…or maybe you added in a serum and your hair is still brittle? Girl, I got you! Sometimes we do too little to achieve healthy hair and other times we accidentally do too much.  I definitely want you to check out the article I came across on how protein buildup in our hair effects our overall hair health. It was an eyeopener for me and I hope it helps you too! 

One thing about hair and skin is there are always ways we can improve things that we may not know or think about. In this blog post, I wanted to hone in on key things that can truly make an impact. On top of that, I wanted to include things you can use to actually help your hair. These are great tips & products to have on hand from super soft hair elastics to hats that can block out the wind and even UV rays. How’s your hair these days? Could it use a little bit of extra protection?  You aren’t alone! 

Click here to read this article I found. It’s super insightful regarding something you might have thought about,  & that is how to tell if your hair has too much protein in it (it can happen and it can dry your hair out!). 

L'ange Protective Hair Care Products

L’ange has a lot of great products that not only help with styling, but they also help to keep your hair healthy. It’s important to use the right products for your hair type so be sure to read the descriptions of each product on their website. L’ange has done a great job of giving key information regarding each product so you know what to expect. Here are several products that I’ve tried or have done research on and how they can help your hair needs! 

Remedé Shine Enhancing Argon Oil – Not only does this goodness reduce frizz and lock in moisture, it has UV filters to protect your hair. It’s a little bit of a thicker oil but can be used on the ends sparingly to add moisture to promote healthy hair.

Detox Scalp Reset Serum – This leave in formula restores the balance and brings comfort to your scalp. Use as directed on wet/damp hair before air drying or blow drying & styling.

Smoothe Healing Oil Treatment– a healing oil that will nourish and reduce breakage. This stuff smells like minty goodness and is so good for those with dandruff, itchy, or dry scalp.

Treatment A Duex Hair and Scalp Masque– this new L’ange product will nourish and condition both your hair and scalp.  Packed full of natural ingredients that will replenish moisture and shine to promote healthy hair.

Click here to visit the L’ange site where you can look up these amazing products.


Brushes & Combs

Sienna Paddle Brush w/ Boar Bristles –  The combo of nylon and boar bristles will help redistribute natural oils leaving your hair healthier and more manageable. 

Scalp Saveur – Ok, this one feels really good!  Give yourself a little scalp massage 🙂 It will help break up product buildup and stimulate scalp circulation to promote healthy hair.

Protective Accessories

Ok, get ready because I linked some of my fav hair accessories for you here.  Everything from hats, to claw clips, to hair ties.  All styles for all people.  Whether you have long thick hair or short fine hair, there is something for you here!  What I love about the hats I linked is they not only hats protect your hair in the blowing wind, but some have UV rays protection in them as well. Click the links below and check them out! 


Organic Cotton Broken-In Baseball Cap

Arlo Honey – Straw Teardrop Fedora

The Hollywood Visor

Que Chiva Sunhat 

Borra Borra Booney II Hat

Hair Accessories:

Eco-Friendly Nylon Elastics 

Satin Sleep Scrunchy Set 

Must Have Claw Clip 

9 Replies to “Healthy Hair Guide”

  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    As per usual I missed this until now and you are so right. As you know I have complained constantly about fine/thin hair! I have used the products and keeping with certain ones, but as of yesterday have made the decision to do more health wise for my old bones, weight and general health which I have neglected to do in the past. Too much stress has taken over my life for the past 6 years and it is showing in a lot of ways. Here is figuring out what works best in the areas and sticking to it.
    Thanks for all you do to bring uplifting ideas, positive thoughts and as I have said before, you always have something that hits home with me when I least expect it. Today was a great example….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. I have just started using the hair products you suggested and I really like them! I just wish I could get my hair to blow dry out like yours. My hair still looks a bit frizzy so I have to use my flatiron. Maybe I need more practice???
    Thanks for all that you share!

    1. Practice is truly going to make a difference! Are you listening to your hair and what it needs? Remember, what works for some may not work for all or others. My hair needs might be a little bit different from yours so be sure to listen to what your hair is “hungry” for! xoxo

  3. I wish L’ange had supplies in Canada. So many of their products can’t be shipped here. I’d love to see some suggestions for items that are easily accessible across N.America! Love your content, and legit just chopped my hair using your most recent style as inspo! Alllll texture, no layers for this thin hair and I’m in love!! I also donated my 12-13in chopped off to charity who makes wigs for children with cancer.

    1. Shoot! Well even if you don’t have the exact products available, you can look for some that have similar qualities to what I’ve described for the products I use. Make sure to listen to you hair and it’s needs to figure out what it’s “hungry” for! Also, you go girl! Way to make the big chop and share the love – you’re incredible! xoxo

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