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I’m so happy you’re here and excited to focus on L’ange, haircare, and showing you a guide to L’ange products I love! I wanted to make this the focus I hear back from customers sometimes about the way they aren’t loving the L’ange products but usually it’s HOW we’re using them that makes all the difference in whether we love them or not & whether we got the right ones or not. It’s also super important to always keep in mind that what works for some may not work for others! If you’re new here, one thing I stress often is the understanding that everyone’s hair is different & what works for one person may not work for another. Listen to your hair! Don’t be afraid to experiment with it to find what it likes best. That being said, I’ve put this guide together and regularly keep it updated with the products I’m currently using and how I use them. I have also taken care to include products I recommend for different hair goals as well as hair types. Keep scrolling for more details!

One awesome thing about the L’ange website is they now have the option to take a hair care quiz; this makes it so you can find out which products L’ange experts recommend for your hair type. I’m also always here and just an email away if you need recommendations for products. Make sure to comment below if you’d like help choosing the right L’ange products for you! Let me know your hair needs, whether it’s dry, oily, curly, straight, etc. and what your style goals are. I’m happy to help always!

Jocelyn's L'ange hair care favorites and how she uses them

Below is a little breakdown for you including products you can try before blow drying to help your styles:

For fine hair & before blow drying:
Glaze hair lotion (adds protection, moisture & volume)
Sorbet leave-in conditioner (helps with humidity as well)
Thermal Magique (for heat protection; it’s not my top fave but the Posh might weigh your hair down a bit if you have thin hair. Very SMALL amount to be used)
Salt & Sea spray (texturizing spray)

For medium-fine hair before blow drying:
Glaze hair lotion (adds protection, moisture, & volume)
Sorbet leave-in conditioner (helps with humidity as well)
Posh (for heat protection only near midshafts – ends of hair)
Salt & Sea spray (texturizing spray)

For thick hair before blow drying:
Glaze hair lotion (adds protection, moisture, & volume)
Sorbet (helps with frizz and tames the hair)
Posh (for heat protection and keeps it more sleek)

**For naturally curly/wavy hair:
Envie leave-in conditioner (apply when hair is wet/damp and diffuse or air dry), Manage Marula Oil hydrating spray, and Glaze hair lotion (for frizz control and softness/hydration)
Sorbet leave-in conditioner (apply same as above)

**Keep in mind for naturally curly/wavy hair less is most definitely more to bring out those natural styles without weighing down the hair or leaving it feel full of product/crunchy! Allow the hair to air dry if you opt out of diffusing it with a blow dryer.

These add ins to your hair (before blow drying) can make the biggest difference for your hairstyle. You’re helping it create volume, control, texture and more. It is so important to get something in your hair to help it & this will make a big difference for your hair!

Make sure to test out amounts in your hair as it can vary depending on your hair! The testing time is so important and that is where you’ll find your favorite hair products/the right amount to use for you before blow drying.

Link to shop L’ange: http://t.langehair.com/SHDG3

Educational L'ange LIVE

I went LIVE on Facebook breaking down L'ange haircare and products that are right for different hair types. If you've been wondering which L'ange products are right for you, this is the perfect video to watch! I talked about some of my favorite products I use as well as others I'd recommend to those in search of solid hair care products. Check this LIVE recap out for more information regarding L'ange products and if you'd like to find out what's right for you, scroll down, click the darker button to go to L'ange's site and take their hair care quiz. Make sure to use code GREATHAIR if you shop!

YouTube: Day 2 Loose Curls

Day 2 loose curls coming at you! It’s incredible how on day 2 of having loose curls your hair can look so different from day one, but you can change it up just a bit. Here are some rocking styling tips for day 2 hair. If you think back to how the hair started, you can see it takes little effort to create a whole new look. Dry shampoo is a saving grace for your day 2 hair as are any oils you use so the hair doesn’t feel dry! You want good hydrated hair, that is manageable and happy. Enjoy this tutorial for day 2 loose hair curls!

31 Replies to “L’ange Hair Care Guide”

  1. Have never used a LAnge product I didn’t like! Great for styling my short pixie hairstyle, adding texture and shine! I took my que from your suggestions and love Posh, Glaze, and Salt and Sea spry. I notice you no longer use the mousse.

  2. L’ange is the best. The hair lotion and salt and sea spray are favorites. The Duo Grande is a game changer for beach waves and curls!!

  3. I love most Lange products. I have several of the tools and have tried some of the hair products. I use the sorbet every day and love it. I have medium to thick hair that is wavy. Is there a particular product that I should try?

    1. Hey gorgeous! I’d love to recommend something else but it truly depends on what your hair goals are! Go ahead and email me and my girls at fitmissionmakeup@gmail.com and let us know what your goals are and we can recommend some products for you! Don’t forget to let us know what you already have on hand as well so we know if there’s anything else to be added to your collection!

  4. I ordered and started with the three favs and paddle brush you suggested and can not say enough how much Im loving them!! Placed a second order the other day for shampoos along with adding in Posh and Sorbet. Im super excited! Thanks Joce! Xo!

  5. Glaze and salt and sea spray work so well with short, thin, fine hair. Makes volume possible!

  6. I have every product on your favorites list 👆and love them all! Thank you for teaching us how to use them and for the hair tutorials. Love them!

  7. I have been using L’ange products since I first came across Jocelyn over 3 years ago, I love them !! I too am a fan of the glaze hair lotion, salt & sea spray, was using the whipped mouse but recently switched things up after reading this hair guide Jocelyn put together. I am using the glaze hair lotion, the posh hair polish (if I want a sleek straighter look ) and salt & sea spray to add texture to my fine hair. I have been using the cascade shampoo as well as the keratin conditioner to help strengthen my hair as I do highlight (bleach) my hair to keep me in the blonde lol !! Also the rehab deep conditioner works amazing to moisturize before I get those highlights done !! L’ange has so many great products!! Again love Jocelyn’s hair tips and her hair !!

  8. I just ordered the L’Ange volumizer and the Le Duo and I’m super impressed!
    Next on the list is to try out some of their hair products… I love how easy you make styling your hair with their products.

  9. L’ange has truly changed my hair. I used to genuinely hate it but now that I have found the perfect combo for my hair (volume mousse/thick it crème/sea salt spray/heat shield/round brush hair dryer) I never have a bad hair day.

  10. I found you on Facebook because I had been looking into Lange products. I have corse, curly hair. I received info from you on what is best for my hair type. Thank you for always taking the time to help with allour beauty needs.

  11. I previously used the salt and sea, but on dry hair! I will definitely try it at the root on wet hair! Excited about this tip!

  12. Hey Jocelyn! Based on your tips and suggestions, I ordered several L’ange hair products & I’m loving each one!! I think the Glaze Hair Lotion and Posh is a game changer! Thanks so much for all the work you put into your videos and tips.

  13. I absolutely love you Jocelyn and I love Lange. I have curly hair and I use the curly shampoo, conditioner and gel. I also use the leave in conditioner. My hair has never looked better. I use to blow dry and straighten my hair but now I go all natural curls. Lange is amazing and so are you!

  14. I’m so happy I learned about L’Ange from you! The products work so well and watching your videos on how you use them has been great! I also LOVE the hairbrush I bought. I’ve been a hairdresser for over 30 years and tried so many brushes but the L’ Ange one is awesome!

  15. Oh how I love my L’ange products and tools!

    I watch a lot of your videos.. I always wonder one thing – how would you describe your hair (texture, thickness, etc). There are some many bloggers out there showing how they use the products/tools, but it’s really hard to gage what they are dealing with, hair wise. Obviously you have straight hair. So me being a wavy girls I know to have different expectations. I think bloggers should tLk about their hair type as well when showing tools/products!


  16. Love your hair advice you give as well as all the tips you share ! I have successfully used your recommendations and my hair is healthier and get so many compliments on it!!

  17. I have medium/thick hair. It is naturally wavy and frizzy. What and how would you suggest I put in my hair after I wash and before I dry and curl. Thank you!!

  18. I have a le duo and trying to master curling my long bob. I need help with what products will be best for me & I love in Houston so humidity is a challenge. Also what brush to blow dry.

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