Welcome to the Masters Directory! If you’re here, that means you’ve just made your first Seint purchase & have officially unlocked all of the Fit Mission Masters perks. I put together this directory to help you as you navigate throughout your new Seint journey. Here, you’ll find lots of helpful resources to help you as you get comfortable testing out your makeup, trying out new application techniques, and finding out what you love most about Seint makeup!


Important Resources to Note:

The Color Match Packet

This is a valuable resource to refer back to if you need help or would like a refresher. I am ALWAYS more than happy to help you out one on one via email! These packets do however have all my recommendations for IIID Foundation & Demi. These packets are also linked within your Color Match Email you received from me, but I wanted to include it here as well in case you missed it. 

You can find information regarding setting up a rewards party, my favorite brush recommendations, as well as lip & cheek and eyeshadow options to select from if you need a little help getting started + so much more! Click the button below to access a PDF version of the IIID Color Match Packet or the Demi Color Match Packet, depending on which makeup you’re wearing.

VIP Masters Facebook Group & Guides

I mentioned the VIP Masters Facebook Group to you in the previous email you should’ve received from me, but let me tell you the real deal here and why you’ll want to join if you haven’t already:

    • An incredible community full of the kindest souls
    • Giveaways & Games
    • Events
    • Guides for Masters ONLY
 and so much more! I mentioned above there are guides available within the VIP Masters group. These cover topics such as Under Eyes, Eyeshadow, Texture in Skin, and more. These will help you understand your skin and Seint makeup, building your confidence in your makeup application and technique. Here’s how they will appear within the group, depending on whether you’re accessing the group from a computer or mobile device:

IIID Foundation Tutorials

Below are tutorials I’ve compiled for you as you begin using your Seint makeup and exploring all the possibilities wearing it. Click each title to watch the tutorial and as always, REACH OUT TO ME if you have ANY questions – I’m never too busy to help and I’m happy to troubleshoot your makeup with you or simply point you in the right direction!

Demi Colour Tutorials

A super simple natural makeup look that’s perfect for daily wear. Using the best in Seint Beauty Makeup, this video is a great one to watch if you want to begin using Demi or incorporating it into your IIID makeup application. Come along with me to see how I wear my Demi + IIID makeup while avoiding any creasing/settling into fine lines!