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I hope you love this Mother’s Day Gift Guide as much as we do! Everything you see are some of my favorite finds, tried & true businesses, and more that would make for the perfect gift to celebrate the special lady in your life! I’ve thrown in some beautiful dainty jewelry pieces I love and some simple must-haves to gift. Whether you’re looking for a special something for mom, grandma, your sister, cousin, or aunt – treat the amazing mamas in your life extra special this Mother’s Day! 

As you check out the Mother’s Day gift guide below, I hope all you mom’s feel the love from your loved ones! For the those without a mom, the step-moms or second moms, the single moms, the adoptive/foster moms, moms to be, those struggling to become a mom, those missing their mom, the moms coping with loss, and all those that step up to the “mom” plate where needed – here’s to you this Mother’s Day & sending extra love all around!

Jocelyns Jams

Along with the guide above, make sure to check out SEINT’s Mother’s Day releases for some gorgeous new compacts, a tinted lip balm (which I’m obsessed with right now) and more!

Have you ever heard of or seen these in your stores near you? I’m OBSESSED – especially since I can’t have/don’t want a lot of sugar. This is the perfect treat! Not to mention they’re a smaller company and local to the state of Utah & you know I love to support local. I have to share these because they’re the yummiest frozen dessert!! Have you had Trü Fru? Let me know in the comments if you have because I LOVE these! Also, these would be so good to add to a little Mother’s Day gift basket or goodie bag. What mom wouldn’t love these? If anything, get them for yourself too! If you buy some online, use code TRU15 for a discount!

NEW Youtube: 5 & 10 Minute Makeup Looks

We can create five and ten makeup looks that can be such an easy makeup application. You want those five min makeup looks that you can look like you have a finished look but some days you want more. On those days you want more here you go to have a finished ten minute makeup look. I don’t focus so much on the serums and sunscreens in this video but they play such an important part as well. Another thing that didn’t get a strong focus with but I get asked a lot on is eyebrows. Creating hair like strokes for eyebrows is a great way to create an easy looking eye. Hopefully you enjoy this video for five and ten makeup and see the difference

Recaps & More

Did you catch this LIVE last week? I not only did makeup but I also unboxed the new SEINT Mother’s Day releases! If you’re curious what was released and want to see before you buy, make sure to catch this replay!

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  1. Another great newsletter packed with such awesome goodness! Love finding out that Minky Couture sells robes! Who knew! And, some great ideas for all the Mom’s Day gifts that are getting purchased!

  2. Awesome newsletter filled with great gift ideas and information. Thank you for all the time and thought you put into them.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

      1. Thank you for the gift ideas for Mother’s Day. I made a wish list for my husband and got great ideas for my Mom. You’re the best!

  3. Joce is always sharing from her heart. This is what makes her real, and makes me want to hear and find out more. Love every tip she gives.

    1. Oh it’s DELICIOUS!! So yummy and still somewhat healthy, right? lol As for the All Saints perfume, if you don’t want something on the floral side but not too masculine of a scent, this one is amazing. Nice woodsy, clean scent!

  4. Such amazing and unique ideas! Thank you Joce! Going to get me some of that Tru Fru. Looks so yummy!

  5. This newsletter is amazing! Love all of Mother’s Day gift guide!! Oh my gosh that tru fruit looks so yummy! Love the lip and cheek favorites! My fav right now is sandstone! Thank you so much for sharing this newsletter and always keeping it real! Happy Mothers Day! ❤️

  6. I love hearing about new, delicious snacks and am going to take a look at the Tru Fru snacks!! I also love seeing gift guides for mom’s as it gives me new and different gift ideas for my mom! Going to check out the candles for sure!

  7. I love the idea of adding the TruFru frozen treats to a gift for our daughter for mother’s day! I cared for my husband for 10yrs before needing to place him in assisted living. Our daughter is 5 min away from him so she visits often and takes him treats. At this same time, she lost her husband to a brain aneurysm at 42yo. She is raising her two daughters, now teens, caring time with her dad, and getting certified in positive behavior psychology. She is amazing and I love this unique idea to add to her mother’s day. Thank you Jocelyn!

    1. Sue you’re the sweetest to think of her and must be so proud of the incredible woman she is today! I’m rooting for her in her journey to become certified and wishing you both a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend full of love!! Sending so much love and light your way love!

  8. I’d love put on one of those robes, a pair of those shades and eat some tru fru! That sounds like a great time!😄

  9. Love all the suggestions! I hadn’t heard of Tru Fru , but will now definitely be trying several flavors!

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. I love the Farmgirl Flower arrangements wrapped in burlap. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  11. Love your newsletters! Great Mother’s day gift ideas. 🙂 I look forward to your ideas and tips on makeup!

  12. I’ve been having way too much fun learning about my new makeup (and taking too much time!) so the 5 and 10 minute tips were perfect! I also set a calendar reminder to order the Mother’s Day products and LOVE them!

  13. Love reading your weekly newsletter! The info is greatly appreciated! I have learned so much from your video’s. Your Mother’s Day gift ideas are perfect, I think I would love all of them as a gift!

  14. I love my karma ring necklace! Purchased some earrings for mother days as well! Love your style of jewelry!

  15. Love the idea of the waist pack for my mom. She lives in a senior community and needs a little something just to walk around the complex. Thanks for the help, Joce!

  16. This makes me want to try all the things! So helpful in finding unique, different, but wonderful gifts. Thank you for always sharing amazing things!

  17. Ooo…minky robes!! I was in St George lady last May drooling on the window of the Minky store because it happened to be closed that day. Lol. I love your videos! I can watch them multiple times and learn a new trick/tip every time!

    1. Minky Couture is seriously the best – and I don’t just say that because I’m an affiliate but because I’ve loved them for YEARS! I lucked out in finally becoming an affiliate recently but they make for the best gifts for birthdays, Easter, baby showers, etc.

  18. Farm Girl Flowers are the best. I have been lucky to receive them a couple times. The bouquets are “BIG”
    Happy Mother’s Day to all us hard working mom’s and to all the moms who we carry in our hearts..

  19. Joce
    I can’t say thank you enough for all your tips and shopping guides. I never thought about sunscreen for my face until you broke it down on what to look for. Every time I watch you live… I catch a tip needed for my 71 year old face and wish I had started years ago. I also love the Hair tips and just wish Lange did like Seint does and keeps us attached to an Artist. I hope you get the credit but feel like when I change codes it goes to corporate since they are the ones thanking me….. sales are much harder to follow because videos are sometimes years old…. Oh well I want to celebrate you ! Thank you, thank you and so glad you are feeling better!., ❤️🤗

  20. Thank you so much for all you do from researching products, to helping me with how-to videos for hair using Lange and makeup using Seint. When I follow any of your makeup applications and not “winging it”, I get the most compliments. Your outlook on life and the positivity you let shine though and share with us is what we need more of today. Your family must be so proud of you! Happy Mother’s Day, Jocelyn.

    1. Aww you’re so welcome Amy! So grateful to have your beautiful soul here in my True Love Tribe and know that I’m here for you always! I’ve loved seeing your growth and to be able to help and chat back and forth is always so fun and worth every moment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend sista!

  21. I absolutely love when you do gift guides! They are so helpful for someone like me that struggles with gift ideas! I usually end up finding stuff I want too…oops!

  22. Love these ideas for my mom & sisters!! You are always so thorough in your research and help! Love watching your lives and learning all the tips!!!

  23. Such great ideas! The Sunset riot sounds Devine! I have atarted a new hair regimen, using Glaze and Sorbet-a game changer for my gray hair! Thanks again Jocelyn and Team!!

  24. Great newsletter for Mothers Day. I’ve got my eye on that LuLu Lemon Fanny pack. I have bought it as gifts but definitely need one for me to replace my Walkman one from the 1980’s. Lol.

  25. Love the Mother’s Day gift ideas…I can get into a rut with buying similar gifts over and over, so this helps mix it up!

  26. I loved all the research and information you give to us gals every single week! You newsletters and videos are the highlight of my week and I look forward in trying new items that I know will be great because of you!

  27. I LOVE TruFru – Sam’s club sells big bags : ) I also will have to get a lululemon belt bag, they look super cute. Great list!

    1. My family can’t get enough of TruFru now! So much goodness and I love that they have more flavors you can order online that aren’t typically carried in stores. As for the LuluLemon belt bag, it’s so cute but so handy too especially if you’re out and about or need some extra pockets!

  28. I found you on Facebook and I’m really enjoying the content you put our for all your peeps! Thank you for the fun gift ideas, and I love that fanny packs are back in! 🙂 They really are awesome for hands free activities! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. If I’ve learned anything, it’s don’t get rid of what used to be in style because it’s allll making a come back! lol I love the belt bags by LuluLemon – so cute and handy when you need your hands free! I hope you have a love-filled weekend as well sista!

  29. The Fanny Pak is a great idea because I get so tired of schlepping a heavy purse! I will keep my 👀 out for TruFru because I don’t like a lot of sugar as well. Happy Mother’s Day to you and hope you are back to your former self!

    1. Thank you love! I’m feeling much better for sure and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! That pack is so good especially when going on walks, going to the gym, traveling, etc. or if you just need an extra pocket!

  30. I’m not a ‘hair’ girl but am learning so much watching your tutorials. Keep them coming!

  31. Again, thank you so much for all the work you do trying to find the best products for us! I love the Mother’s Day gift suggestions. I find it hard to always come up with good gifts. I like to find different and unusual gifts. I love your guide and I love your style! Thank you!

  32. Thank you so much for the Mini Karma Ring necklace suggestion! I ordered one for my daughter for her very first Mother’s Day. I am so excited to give it to her!

  33. Love, love these ideas! I want a few for myself! Always nice to get suggestions on well loved and quality gift ideas. Thank you for all the effort you put into your referrals!

  34. Thanks for this list of Mother’s Day gifts. I’ve been on the search for a good quality, simple, lightweight fanny pack/belt bag/bum bag for travel. I’m treating myself!

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