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What is “waterless” skincare? First off, welcome! If you’re new here, I’m Jocelyn McClellan, a makeup, hair & skincare educator and the purpose of this blog is to give you a clearer idea of what Oliveda Skincare is, why it’s called “waterless,” and how you can get healthier, glowy skin using Oliveda.

Keep reading to find out more of what Oliveda is about, how it works, what I recommend and how to get started. I can’t say enough about this holistic approach to skincare and what a difference it has made for my skin, and in turn how much more confident I feel knowing I’m glowing and my skin is taken care of.


What Oliveda means by “waterless” is they don’t use water as the base within their formulated products. Instead, they press olive leaves and use the resulting elixir as the base in their products known as Hydroxytyrosol. This bioactive ingredient is known to be the reason why olive trees live for so long as it’s protective and healing.

Hydroxytyrosol (HTyr) is a phenol found in olives and olive oil that has many potential health benefits. It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and other properties. Since Oliveda products contain this potent serum, you’ll notice results quickly and feel the difference in your skin as it heals.

Oliveda Blog cover photo


The popularity and growth of Olive Tree People has got the skincare world buzzing! Interested in getting started with Olive Tree People Skincare but not sure where to begin? I got you covered. This is the perfect skincare line for those looking to take a more holistic route, or wanting skincare products that aren’t as expensive as medical grade but still high quality and using more natural ingredients, Oliveda is perfect for ALL skin types.

Start by taking the FREE skincare quiz linked below as this will help you assess your skin and give some great recommendations for your skin type and needs.

If you’d like to start small and begin incorporating Oliveda into your regimen, I recommend beginning with the Love Duo! You can save money by purchasing it as a bundle and this has been the game changer for myself and others in beginning with Oliveda skincare by Olive Tree People. The Love Duo can be incorporated easily into your skincare as it consists of a face serum and an oil. This is great for ALL skin types/ages and helps repair & regenerate dehydrated skin cells.

If you’re not currently using a corrective product such as retinol or looking for a product to add to your regimen that goes a deeper than the surface of your skin, F59 is a great way to go. This is also nicknamed “botox in a bottle” because of the results it delivers! 


Take a look and see for yourself! These are REAL results from Olive Tree People customers who’ve begun using Oliveda waterless skincare as well as testimonials as to how amazing the products are and the change seen within a short time frame.

Here are more results from current Oliveda users and the products they used to achieve healthy skin along their waterless skincare journey:

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Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful polyphenol which occurs naturally in Sho olive fruit, pulp, leaves and mill waste wators. Hydroxytyrosol is a well-known component found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is derived from hydrolysis of the polyphenol olouropein during olive maturation and olive oil storage. It is also a vital component which largely adds to the stability of olive oil. Uniquely, hydroxytyrosol is the only polyphenol which is able to cross the blood brain barrier, which allows it to have a significant action to scavenge free radicals in the nervous system.

Click here to read more about hydroxytyrosol and how it’s used at Olive Tree People.

Each product is different so ingredients may vary, but all of their products contain hydroxytyrosol.

Oliveda has a return policy of 365 days; they’re confident in their product and the quality provided for you and your skin.

Yes! I highly recommend getting the products suggested to you via email after completing the Oliveda skincare quiz. However, if you’d like to start small I always recommend the Love Duo to begin with as this pair of serum and oil help to rejuvenate and regenerate your skin cells, encouraging healthy, hydrated skin.

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