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Below are some of my SEINT lip & cheek favorites for every day wear, different tones, and more. If you’ve been color matched by me for SEINT, you know I don’t usually match you to any lip colors but that’s because it comes down to personal preference. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give any recommendations!

Here are a couple graphics showing my favorites and how to distinguish between the tones of the SEINT blush colors. If you need recommendations, check out the graphics or leave a comment for me letting me know what tones you normally wear that you’d like to stick to! I’d love to give some lip color recommendations for you!

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  1. My favourite so far is Madrid, but Summer Love always looks so great on you I am definitely going to have to give it a try.

  2. Love these! I just ordered several to try. I was super intimidated by the dark color or black cherry but am so excited to try it out. I love your tips, blogs, videos, AND your heart and soul. You’re good peeps! 🙂

  3. Everything looks good on you. I personally think I have to wear a satin on the cheeks. My go to is Plum. Now the lips are a lot harder. Nothing stays on more than 10-15 minutes. And yes, I’m a lip licker. That’s probably why my lips are always cracked. My 5-yr old granddaughter came in Sunday and she had put lipstick on and after 3-4 hours, it was still on. I’m so jealous of her. Haha I have been liking the LaCienga and Sunshine State as of late. Any recommendations from you are more than welcomed.

  4. I just had my color match and going to order this week. You didn’t give specific recommendations for lip/cheek said have fun with lip and cheek colors; however, I struggle with colors for those areas I am because some look beautiful but turn a more orange color and if it’s too pink, calls attention to my red rosecea cheeks. 😬

  5. I love all of these colors. So hard to choose which ones to try first. Love how you broke down the different tones and whether they are matte versus gloss.

  6. I am enjoying your first recommendations of Sadie and summer love. Today I have ordered saffron and madrid lip and cheeks for the spring. You looked gorgeous in saffron today!

  7. These graphics are everything! I love how lip and cheeks can be used together and or alone. I love the way they are buildable and blendable!!

  8. One of my favorites is Desert Sunset. My other favorite is Sandstone. Just a little bit on my cheeks & lips followed up with Desert Sunset.

  9. I love Tropicana and the new one on my list to get is Sangria. I am always scared of the dark ones but realize they don’t show that dark once applied.

  10. I love that SEINT is doing a color of the month! I don’t need anymore lip and cheek but I can’t resist. I am patiently waiting for the release of Sunshine State!! Fingers crossed.

  11. I like a little more color usually so black cherry & sangria are my favorite cheek colors but I’m looking for a basic everyday color that isn’t too neutral. My first order I picked summer love & frenchie but they don’t show up on my olive skin tone. Would Sadie be a better option for me? Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hey love! If Summer Love didn’t show up much on your skin, Sadie most likely won’t either but it will make for a great color to use as a gloss over another matte lip & cheek! I think you might like Madrid if you want more of a pinky-nude tone that will still show up on your skin tone but not stand out too much!

  12. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to lip color. Usually go for nude or clear gloss. I do use plum on cheeks lightly but not on lips. I’m trying to talk myself into ordering Saffron.

  13. Joce: I really appreciate these graphics and find them helpful. I learned about the different types and categories of color families and finishes. It was interesting to learn more about about the uses for the various colors/finishes as I thought all of them were the same (outside of the general color). I would love to learn more about the various uses of the highlights, contours, blush, bronzers, and lip/cheek use for different areas of the face. It is exciting to ponder future purchases and think about new and fun applications/value-added. Great lives yesterday and today…loved every minute of them, always pick up new tips! Thanks!

    1. Thank YOU for this comment love! I love hearing what my customers want to learn more of and so this helps me out a ton. I’m so happy you loved this lip & cheek guide as well as my lives the last couple days! Your suggestions are noted sista!

  14. I have redness in cheeks. With your advice.. i bought saffron to compliment the redness i already have. Love it! Sometimes i tone it down with adding plum. A different look.. so beautiful!

  15. It’s so nice to have these broken up into categories and have a little more in depth information. I get overwhelmed sometimes at all the different options but with this I feel like I have a better idea of which ones are best for me. Thank you for the help.

  16. Always looking for the perfect neutral lip shade. While nude is a go-to for my cheeks, it doesn’t work well with my lip shade and seems washed out. Sandstone is a favorite and can’t go wrong with Sadie on top of anything or just by itself

  17. Love so many of the colors. I have 4, but they look much brighter IRL than on Zoom. Learning that I need to be more bold when my day is filled with zoom meetings!

  18. I love the lip & cheek colors…I’m a bit obsessed, as I have them all (LOL). It’s fun to mix colors – endless possibilities. Thank you for grouping them by “tones” – I think I will re-organize mine my tone.

  19. I want them ALL!! I am currently trying to decide what to take out of my Seint cart because I have so many picked out. But I need to have a come to Jesus moment with myself that I do not have to get every color at this time. Some can wait. Right?? Sigh…
    I NEED Sadie, Summer Love, Tropicana, La Cienega, Plum, Saffron, Desert Sunset, & Pop 😬

  20. After I got my color match back I immediately made my first order…I’M HOOKED!!! I ordered Madrid, Saffron, Sangria, Lolli, Pop, and Desert Sunset right off. I now feel like I need them all so I can play around with more mixes. My current favorite for my lips is Madrid topped with Desert Sunset, so pretty! Will soon be making another order for more colors including Audrey.
    Ah, and you are 100% correct about Saffron..I was nervous about using it on my cheeks but it totally worked with the redness I already have in my cheeks and my neck!! ❤️❤️

    1. These reviews are the kinds that seriously make me the happiest! Mixing the lip & cheek colors is the best because you come up with such pretty concoctions on top of having the prettiest colors already. So happy that you’re loving Saffron too! She can be bold, but she can be subtle too!

  21. I definitely lean toward the purple & pink tones. Plum & Black Cherry are probably the ones I reach for most, but I also like La Cienga or Dahila too, especially when I’m more tanned. All the Seint colors I’ve tried so far have been great.

  22. This is helpful – though I would love to know which tones would be better for my face. All of the colors are so pretty and it’s really hard to chose!

  23. Lip and cheeks are a learning curve for me. Some of the ones I ordered do not look good on me and I am learning how important undertones in your skin are for picking. Hoping to try a few new shades soon and see if my learning has paid off.

  24. These are great suggestions! I love to pair Summer Love and Tropicana together on the lips! My favorite is Madrid on the cheeks! I never would have thought those two would look good on me, but they’re light and so pretty!

  25. I absolutely love Summer Love based on your recommendation. It is my new favorite lip color!

  26. Thanks for breaking down the color families of the lip and cheek. I definitely tend to gravitate to the the neutrals and orange tones but want to branch out to the pink tones!

  27. Omg what can I say about all those fabulous lip and cheeks?!? My fave lately has been Madrid and La Cienega. Either each alone or both together. I have just about every color (that goes with my skin complexion and it’s a lot lol) and love them all in their way. I love to mix colors too and it’s one of the things I love about them.

  28. Hi J, Always good info from you girl…..I have decided I will order Madrid! I love Frenchie, nude, sandstone, saffron! Prefer the satins consistency as it stays on so well for cheeks and lips. Desert sunset goes with everything on my lips! The glosses…love the shine but my hair sticks to it in the wind. Would love Black Cherry better if not a gloss….beautiful color. Have a great Moms day!

    1. I agree .. Desert Sunset and Black Cherry are my absolute favorites .. just wish they came in a satin finish.

  29. This post was really helpful to me. I struggle with just seeing the lip/cheek shades online. Your thoughts on which ones are good for different purposes clarified some things for me. Thanks!

  30. Thanks so much for posting about all the different lip / cheek shades Seint has available! They are all sooo good and makes me want to buy them all!!!

  31. This guide is so helpful! I have such a hard time distinguishing what the underlying colors are and which ones will work for my skin tone. So thank you for this and all your help. You’re the best💗

  32. I have ordered so many colours now! I love all of them, really can’t pick a favorite. There is one (can’t remember right now) that doesn’t show much on my face, but I use on my lips instead! Loving this make up

  33. I LOVE Nude and Desert Sunset!!! They’re my every day and even on special dates when I go for an eye focus makeup look. I’m more on the neutral side of lips and cheeks!!! I would love to try out rosewood for sure.

  34. I’m so in love with Madrid!! And saffron is absolutely boss if you have red cheeks, neck, and or chest. I have a red chest and cheeks, just first glance at the color was a little scary at first but Joce is right, once it’s blended out it works like a charm!! ❤️

  35. Thank you for putting this together! I have loved all of the colors that I have gotten from you. Your color match was spot on! I will be sending in for a new one once summer finally arrives here in Michigan!

  36. I am loving last month’s color, lollipop! This make up is kind of addictive, wanting to try more of the lip and eye colors!👄

  37. I love the lip and cheek colors that you select for you so I have to admit I gravitate to those same colors as well. I’ve learned which of my favorite colors to mix together to come up w the perfect shade!! So many to choose from!!

  38. Much appreciate the notes on what you use each for. Do you have a couple favorites that you have multiple of to keep on the go with you? I think I need to order seconds of a couple to keep in my work bag.

  39. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I want to try a new blush that I can use on my lips as well, the ones I have don’t do well on my lips.
    Also, I’m fearful of stronger colors and I think that’s my issue!!! So, I’m going to pick one new one and try it out.
    PS- Audrey is soooo pretty in the pictures but would love to see it on you and a swatch compared to others (if you’ve gotten it yet, that is!!!)
    Thank you for your posts, videos, etc. My days are busy w work travel and you are the only influencer that I take time to watch. And enjoy!!!
    Keep going girl!

  40. Thank you for sharing this! I will definitely save it for reference in the future!! My 27 palette is quickly becoming too full because I keep getting more and more colors!! How does the May color work for fair/medium skin with red tones?

  41. I love the ones I have and I need to try summer love. I also need to get some of the new shades they seem so lovely

  42. I am totally obsessed with all the lip and cheeks. Feel I have to collect them all. So happy with the new monthly options but truly love Madrid and Dessert Sunset 😊

  43. absolutely love how you can layer different colors to make different shades love all of seint colors

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