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It’s time to share my sunscreen guide with you! Sunscreen is a very important part of our daily routines – at least it should be. You can use this guide with some rock solid sunscreens that I texted out for months for all different skin types in different weather climates & situations. One huge reason I put so much time into this guide & method was because your sunscreen can truly act as a primer when used right! No longer do you need to just put it on without any thought behind it because let’s face it, who loves how sunscreen feels on their skin? On top of that, sometimes we use products that truly don’t take care of our skin or have better ingredients in it. Our faces aren’t a one-size-fits-all so why treat it as if they are if we aren’t taking care of the skin for what it is. This includes sunscreen and makeup!

With this guide, you’ll find answers to issues you’re having with your sunscreens & great options for your skin type. As much as we love the sun, it can have harmful effects on our skin and the best way to protect it is by wearing a sunscreen that will protect you from harmful UV rays. There are so many choices on the shelves at the store, so which sunscreen is right for you? I’ve created this guide to help you as you choose the right one that will offer your skin the protection it needs, work with your skin type, and work well with your day to day activities!

The sunscreen guide that I’ve put together contains different types of sunscreens that I have tested myself on my own skin. As I’ve always reiterated, it’s important to keep in mind everyone’s skin is different so what works for one person may not work for another. Make sure to find the right sunscreen for your skin type! For more skincare tips, check out my skincare guide here.

Sunscreen Guide (below)

 Ever Eden 

EveryRay Suncare: Sunshine Serum

(All other sunscreens are linked via the button below)

My goal for you is to use this guide to find great options for your. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, sunscreen won’t be an issue any longer! I personally use 2 sunscreens each day for my oily and dry skin. I put specific ones in key places and I’m set for the day. This is the order I apply my morning routine since I’m able to use what is just right for my face using less layers & products:

After washing, I use Vitamin C serum, let it dry completely & absorb, then moisturizer ONLY on dry places & the troughs under my eyes. Next I apply sunscreen and lastly my cream foundation from Seint

Using sunscreens that work best for you is a game changer. Also, using sunscreens that work WITH your skin & truly being intentional with it will change the game of your makeup too.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you find your top sunscreens and no longer feel like you need a moisturizer AND spf in one that doesn’t fully serve you. Why? Well, because when you use products that are all in one, you can’t choose the quality of what you are putting on your skin. It also doesn’t help you take care of the skin type you have in key places & give your skin what it fully needs there so you don’t end up feeling oily.

I hope this guide can serve you well and you find exactly what you need as you go through it! I think you’re going to love the options I’ve given and leave a comment or email me at if you have any questions!



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  1. Always interested in finding a great sunscreen! Thanks for doing the research. Never heard of any of these. Thanks a lot of time!! Appreciate it. I like the cleaner ones myself. Glad you’re feeling better

    1. Kristen,
      I feel as you do that Jocelyn has done a super job detailing all this information for us on these sunscreens. Jocelyn McElellan is AMAZING AND I LISTEN TO HER ALMOST DAILY FOR SKINCARE AND MAKEUP GUIDANCE. Thank you Jocelyn for the site and all the wonderful information and content you put out for all of us women. I do much appreciate you. I would love to join your team. Please continue to show us those beautiful eyeshadow palettes you so beautifully create.
      Lori Trevino, Little Rock 🪨, Arkansas

  2. I love that you try all this stuff for us to help us save money and time. Really respect your opinion and thank you for all your help!

    1. I feel the same way Jennifer. Jocelyn has really bent over backwards to make sure we have the BEST of everything skincare and I appreciate her so much!!!!!! Thanks a BUNCH !! I love your eyeshadow quads and trios the best, you are a genuine queen for SEINT❤️💙❤️👑!!! Thanks for your time and patience!!

      Lori Trevino, Little Rock, Arkansas

  3. Thanks for testing all sunscreens. I go outside daily so need good protection. Was interesting to read all about different ingredients. Your info on your newsletters, makeup, hair and trends in clothing are game changers. Keep me coming!

  4. It’s so hard to know which sunscreens to use and you did all the hard work for us. I now know which two to order for my go-to sunscreens. Thank you. As always, you’re the best.

  5. I liked your review of the sunscreen’s, it’s helpful information, especially the ingredient information. Great job and thank you for this, it’s good information.

  6. I really liked learning about all the different types of sunscreen and their ingredients and how they affect our face. I learned that dimethicone can cause my makeup to slip. Who knew?! I would like to learn more about contouring. Thank you for all of your great and helpful tutorials.

  7. I have never used a face sunscreen before but after learning about it from you I will be adding it in this summer!!! Thanks for all the info!

      1. I am 49 and have had melanoma, bcc, and squamous cell carcinoma all from being a child of the 80’s, having a pool in my backyard. In those days, if our shoulders we’re getting pink out parents told us to out a t shirt on. WE NEVER used sunscreen. Now Im feeling and seeing the effects of that lack of knowledge.Ty for sharing. Im still looking for an under makeup sunscreen that doesn’t flake/peel when applying.

  8. I have learned a lot more about makeup. I never really had any idea what I was doing before, I didn’t want to go get plastered with makeup at Clinique or ulta or anything like that and not feel natural anymore. I have loved how I look in seint makeup and feel better about myself. I am so glad I found you on Facebook.

  9. Thanks so much for the update on sunscreens! It’s so important to use year round! I have been using Paula’s Choice and REALLY like it for oily skin. It’s a GREAT mattifier AND it’s tinted so no white face!

  10. I use supergoop but was really excited to see your ratings. Might try the senegence when I run out.

  11. Love to hear sunscreen reviews. I am currently using the SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen and really like it but I might try the Elta MD based on your zinc recommendation.

  12. Love this, Joce!! So much good information on sunscreens!! Going to go add some to my cart now.

  13. Love the info. Always looking for good sunscreens as I have dry & sensitive skin and tend to burn. I will definitely be giving one of these a try. Thanks for reminding us that we need to let our sunscreen dry fully before putting on makeup. I sometimes get in a hurry and forget to do this 😀

  14. I just started using Elta sunscreen AND RFA skin care. Love them! You’re amazing. Going to look for recommendations on body sunscreen as well.

  15. Always looking for “clean” sunscreen products , so thank you for doing the research. I am inclined to try the senegence, as it has few chemicals, sits well with makeup and is hydrating. Another I’m considering is Elta MD- as it has few chemicals and I have rosacea. – which this is supposed to help.

    1. I have super fair, dry skin so this is what I’ve been needing! Thank you for taking the time to research this! Was planning to try the Ever Eden, but hate a fake rose scent. Will maybe try the Color Science.

  16. Thank you for putting in the work on the sunscreen! I’m not sure that I could ask anything more from you, because you give us your all and I appreciate it so much. I have been using Seint since December and I like everyone else get up every morning so excited to see how my makeup will look that day. I have to say that I don’t think it looks the same any one day but I love it!❤️
    Thank you!

  17. Jocelyn,
    Thanks so much for sharing what your thoughts were on the sunscreen. I have recently been searching for a great facial one and these are all great suggestions! I love how you always keep it real in your newsletters! I would love to see more things from your designer collection within your newsletters. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these each week they are amazing! Happy Mother’s Day❤️

    1. You’re so welcome Missy! It makes my heart so happy to know that you’re wanting to see more of Joce by Design! I love taking the time to do the research and help others out to know what will work best! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well and know I’m here if you have any questions!

  18. Thank you for testing sunscreens for us. My 70 yr old sun loving freckle face has not seen much sunscreen over the years. Consequently, I needed to to have a topical chemo treatment done on my face. After I healed, I began using Elta on your recommendation . Gal pals & I took a vaca to Palm Springs and in 90d heat we were in the pool all day. No burn and it was more susceptible due to the chemo treatment. I love it! Thank you!

  19. I have been enjoying your newsletter and appreciate all the work you put into them. Thank you for doing all of this research on sunscreens. I learned today that the super goop unseen sunscreen does not have zinc. I originally purchased it because it was sweat-proof. I will now try one of the other.

  20. I didn’t realize there is such a difference in sunscreens. I am glad you did the research and now I can get one for my skin.

  21. I have been using super goop and really like it. It absorbs into my skin beautifully and I feel like my makeup continues to wear well. Once I am finished with this one I might try Elta next. Thanks so much for all of the information 🥰

  22. I am so glad you did the lip and cheek guide. Sometimes I don’t think the color is right for me, but I listen to you and it’s perfect.

  23. Thank you for doing the research for sunscreen! I had no idea that dimethicone can cause makeup slippage! Great info to know!! I appreciate that information and importance of sunscreen and ingredients are important to me!

  24. Everything you do is amazing. I’m thankful you try all the things to let us know what is good and what isn’t.

  25. I am in remission from cancer so I have been told to limit my time in the sun. So I’m always interested in finding a good sunscreen. Thanks for all your research!!

  26. I’m a SuperGoop junkie and seeing that unseen made the list makes me very happy!! I love how you explained on your live how you will use two different sunscreens on your face based on what they have in them and the condition of the areas of your face…genius…I love this kind of ah ha tips!!

  27. I love the details of each tried sunscreen and the skin types. It’s so hot and humid in South Carolina that we definitely need a great product. I love the FB lives and all the great tips on Seint. I was color matched and it was spot on for what my coloring needed! Thanks Joce!!!

  28. I have been using Elta for a few months now & I am happy with it. Thank you for doing this research. I am planning on ordering a waterproof sunscreen that you recommended for summer.

  29. I bought the Ella-MD because you said you liked it. I have very sensitive skin and it works great on my face.Thank you!

  30. Love this! Thank you!! I have been using the SuperGoop and didn’t realize it may not be as clean as others listed. I’m thinking now I’ll be trying EltaMD.

  31. I am new to your weekly email and blog. I would have to say the SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen would be the one I would use. Don’t wear much makeup so how it wears under makeup wouldn’t play a big part.

  32. I’ve been patiently awaiting your testing results on clean sunscreens for the face! Thank you for including one gentle for rosacea; I look forward to trying EltaMD.
    Do you have a recommendation for a clean body sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast?

  33. I’ve already shared your sunscreen info with family and friends! Thank you for taking the time to do that and share it with us. I have rosacea so I appreciate having this info to help figure out what will work best for me.

  34. Thank you for all you do! I love all the research you do before recommending a product. I have the Super Goop Glow sunscreen so I can’t wait to give this one a try.

  35. Just started using the Elta UV clear, switched from Super Goop’s Glow Screen. Didn’t like the luminosity of Glow Screen. So far, the Elta is thicker and more difficult to apply- I find i have to really rub in, which can irritate my skin.

  36. So funny that you talked about sunscreen in your newsletter because I was going to email you asking for your recommendation!

  37. I like Elta MD and Color Science. I use those often. I didn’t realize zinc helped keep sun spots away. I’ll have to start looking for that ingredient in my sunscreens as well. Thank you for testing these out and giving us an honest review of them.

  38. So funny that you talked about sunscreen in your newsletter because I was going to email you asking for your recommendation!
    I learned of you through IG- immediately got color matched & then have bought the whole line of products. I have FINALLY learned how to correctly contour, thanks to numerous emails, videos & tutorials from Jocelyn! I would like to see more color matches based on skin tones & eye colors. What color eyeshadow, blush, lipstick is bested for red/pink skin tones, ect

  39. I love the time and attention you put into all your recommendations. I honestly learn something on every Live or newsletter I see. With this one specifically I learned why we want to use and stay away from certain ingredients. Thank you!!
    Id love to see more product comparisons maybe even using customer suggestions. Also more denim! I need some comfy mom jeans in my life! Xo!

  40. I was so glad to see Elta as one of the liked sunscreens. I love it. You mentioned once it smells like horse sweat, but it smells good to me. Of course, I have never smelled a horse that has been sweating, so that was interesting to me, too. Thanks for doing this for us.

  41. Thank you for doing all the research. I’m going to try Elta for everyday and Color Science for hiking days.

    It would be great if you could go over covering age spots.

    Again thank you for all you do for us.

  42. Thanks Jocelyn for your research on the sunscreen topic. I liked the variety of products covered. I learned about the different kinds to use for various skin types. Previously, I only chose my sun screen based on the SPF regardless of my skin or whether it was for full body or face. I would love to learn more about Demi as I made my first Demi purchase today! I am excited and nervous. I would also like to learn more about how to ensure that my makeup lasts all day. I have spent quite a bit of money on recommended primers, setting sprays, and dusting powders. Thanks Joce! I appreciate you!!

  43. Love getting honest reviews of products and recommendations for skin specific concerns. Hope you keep doing them!

  44. I’m so happy my fav Elta has stood the test of time!! I have used it since I was a baby esthetician years ago!

  45. I haven’t used sunscreen under my makeup. I don’t like to use chemicals on my face, but I do take good care of my skin and always remove my make up at night before bed. I’m loving Sent makeup!

  46. Great info! I was wondering if anyone used sunscreen with Seint makeup, and now I have my answer! I wasn’t aware of dimethicone causing slippage, so will be checking my usual sunscreen , which is by Epionce. May be trying one out with zinc as well.

  47. Thanks Joce. Lots of time and dedication to help us all out- it’s very much appreciated. 😀
    I have been using Dr. Lancer’s sunscreen. Haven’t had too much sun and outdoor time yet here in Indiana to know if I like it. It’s definitely more money than I would like to spend.
    I am thinking Paula’s choice and Elta sound great for me to try.

  48. I have been searching for a sunscreen to apply daily that will work with my combo skin. I have heard you say use two if needed. This guide helps to identify which i need for oily skin and which for dry. So helpful!

  49. This is a game changer. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on sunscreens that did not play well with makeup. Thank you so much for taking the time to research this.

  50. Please consider this all mineral sunscreen, It is fabulous!
    DARPHIN Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield SPF 50, Main, color, NO COLOR

    What it is: A triple-action UVA and UVB SPF 50 protection, shield and makeup base for use on both your face and eye area.

    What it does: With a gentle blend of 100% mineral UVA and UVB filters, wheat protein and sheer, nude-toned pigments, this treatment leaves skin smooth, luminous and comfortably protected.

    How to use: Shake well. Apply in the morning after your cream. It’s also perfect for use as a makeup base.

  51. Happy to see you what you thought of EltaMD. My dermatologist recommended it after some skin cancer surgery. Perfect timing.

  52. Enjoyed learning about the products, and like learning more about different options and brands at various price points. Trying to find cleaner options to incorporate.

  53. Love the detailed description of each sunscreen. I need a higher spf and have dry skin. So easy to narrow down to the ones I should try with this advice! Thank you!

  54. I bought the Elta MD sunscreen and I like it. My skin can be dry in certain areas and normal in others. This worked well for me. Thank you!

  55. I’m excited to try Paula choice! I’ve tried several and see that “blue hue”… not a fan of that look! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  56. Joce, thank you for working so hard on the sunscreen guide. It’s great to be able to compare all of these sunscreens. I got the Elta with my RFA order and I also recently bought Color Science. Now if we could just get some warm sunny weather to go with the sunscreen.

  57. Thanks for doing all the research on sunscreen products! It’s so hard to know what will wear good with Seint make up. My go to has always been La Roche-Posay Anthelois. Not sure how it will work with cream make-up!

  58. Well Jocelyn, you made me research dimethicone lol! I didn’t realize it could clog pores and create skin irritation. This is why I LOVE following you! I will be turning 70 in a few months and you are still teaching this old dog new tricks! BRAVO! 👏🥰

  59. I also like the Elta MD for sunscreen for my dry skin. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight.
    I was given another brand that is tinted slightly but haven’t used enough to form an opinion yet. SPF 46.

  60. Thank you for the sunscreen recommendations. There’s a couple I’ve not tried.
    TFS. Janet

  61. Thank you for testing out all these sunscreens! I’m going to give senegence a try for my drier skin. I love reading your newsletters. I always learn something new!🥰

  62. Very informative post. Thank you for testing these out and passing along the info. I am currently using the ELTA MD – I may need to try the Ever Eden. Thank you for all the work you put into your newsletter!

  63. I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you so much! I can’t imagine how much time and money this took for you to test these out and then give to us in a nice, short, to the point blog so we can decide what would be best for our skin to try. It is truly appreciated sista! I will be trying Ren for sure since I have super oily skin. Thanks for the tip to rub it in super fast! I would like to see what your recommendations are for setting powder. It’s something I have to have during the summer or by the time I leave work (from my freezing cold office) I look like I’ve been working with no a/c in Louisiana in August. Iykyk.

  64. My favorites are Alastin mixed with Make:prem (both of these are online only). I have dry, rosacea prone skin. I mix them because the skin tone on the Alastin is a bit dark for me. Thanks for reviewing sunscreens for us.

  65. Love that you did this! It helps tremendously when there are so many different sunscreens on the market and a lot of them are full of chemicals. I’m super sensitive and this was amazing!!

  66. Hi Joce! I’ve been anxiously awaiting for the results of your sunscreen test. I just started following you a month or so ago and am now one of your customers with Seint (loving it btw, but still getting the hang of my application). With all of your videos and tutorials, I am getting to know my skin a little better! Thank you for that! That being said and from what you had to say about these sunscreens I’m thinking the Ever Eden is going to be the one I look in to!
    Glad you’re feeling better!!!

  67. Yes thank you for doing the research for us on sunscreens !! I have seen you in the past use Supergoop Unseen sunscreen and I think for the summer days around the pool that would be my pick. For everyday I have recently been using Cerave moisturizer with sunscreen and so far has been good under makeup.
    Love all your tips !!

  68. Great read. This helps a lot as I am trying to find a product for ooly Amd acne prone skin

  69. Thanks Joce for doing the research and testing for us, always on the hunt for good sunscreens. I just purchased a different one of the Supergoop brand, but will save these recommendations for future too.

  70. Thank you for your sunscreen testing. It is very helpful to me. I live in Florida and I always try to wear sunscreen. I have learned a lot from you explaining the ingredients and what they do for our skin. Great job!

  71. Great post! Very informative and I learned about the ingredients to watch out for. Thank you! I would love a self tanner ( for body) guide in this same format !

  72. Thank you for this, the “sunscreen” maze is so hard to navigate through. Glad to see my favorite made the list, SuperGoop…..

  73. This great info! I didn’t know that dimethicone caused break outs and doesn’t work great with makeup. Honestly I never really thought about what is in sunscreen. I am not great about putting on sunscreen daily, just when I am doing an activity where I know I will be in the sun for a long time. So I need to work on that. I bought the Elta sunscreen to try! Thank you for sharing this info!

  74. Thank you for doing this! I did not take care of my skin when I was younger and I am so glad you did this leg work for us. Looking forward to trying these and figuring out which one will work with my oilier skin in the summer.

  75. I have been using Super Goop and I really like how smooth it goes on. I like their eyeshadow for beach days to help protect the eyes and give a bit of shimmer! Thanks for the education-I did not know zinc was so important!

  76. So far, I have only tried Paula’s Choice and I have liked it so far! I have been using it all over the face, but very little on the cheeks. I would like to try the others for the more drier areas of my face. You have great knowledge and thank you for all of your help!

  77. I’m so thankful that I started following you! I’ve learned so much. I actually started researching but became overwhelmed. There are so many different kinds out there. So now you’ve narrowed that down for me.

  78. Thank you for this!!! I’ve been following your “sunscreen” research/trials and have learned so much. I never realized how much crap is put into these products. Mind blown!!! So…thanks for your time and lessons!!

  79. Thank you for this! I’m not a huge fan of sunscreen, I have such a hard time finding one that works and that I like and it doesn’t feel like a huge weighted second layer on my face!
    Thank you for doing the hard work for us!

  80. Thank you for doing the sunscreen research. It is so important to wear sunscreen. It’s hard to find one that is a perfect fit, but you have some great options here. Thank you! What I learned is the IIID brush tends to make me use more makeup which I also learned less is more. That’s hard when I want to cover all my imperfections, but you are so right! I would love to see more eye looks to make blue eyes “pop”.

  81. Thank you for the information! I found this to be very helpful! I will have to try the Paula’s Choice one, as it sounded the best for my skin type.

  82. I have been using the Elta md sunscreen and I love it!!! Thanks for all your reviews and recommendations!!

  83. Thank you for doing research and testing for us. I am a former sun worshipper who is now paying the price with sunspots. I have learned from you how important it is to protect my skin to prevent further damage. I am currently using Elta MD and am not sure that it is working the best for me so I’m off to order one of your other recommendations. I would love if you could test spf that could be used over makeup through-out the day. I also love how you take care of your customers. Thanks for all you do

  84. Thank you for doing the work for us. I will be using Elta MD UV Clear and trying Ever Eden. Last year my best friend whom is a sun lover had a spot removed from her face that ended up being cancerous she has gone through several cosmetic surgeries suffering a great deal. So thank u again for sharing these so important to protect our skin with good products.

  85. I have never worn sunscreen on my face and I think my complexion is paying the price. Thank you for doing the research for us. I have ordered the Elta and look forward to giving it a try.

  86. Thank you for your time and effort put in to the Sunscreen Guide 2022. I have been using the SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen under my Seint make up and really like how it goes on. I remember you commenting on it a couple of years ago and purchased it then. I try to allow it time to soak in before applying the make up.
    I know the Big C wiped you out, but I hope you are on the mend and you start feeling like yourself in soon!

  87. Been waiting for this one!! Thanks for doing so much research for us! Think I’ll try Paula’s choice! Can’t wait to see Audrey swatched! Hope your feeling better and the news matters keep coming!!! Thanks again.

  88. Thank you for all that you do Jocelyn! I know a lot of folks value you and the time you put in! I have ordered the Paula’s Choice sunscreen. I’m sure it’ll be a favorite of mine too!

  89. Love the way you take care of us with so much education on all things about our face. Thank you.

  90. I’ve been more vigilant about sunscreen this last year and have actually ordered a few to try other than the ones you have listed as I’ve been doing my own research into ones that would work best for me. I can definitely keep you posted on my results :)

  91. I always learn something from the info you share! I have recently (last year or so) become more focused on clean ingredients for all kinds of things that my body is exposed to – I love that you provide options for dry skin types as well as normal and oily. You’re the best!

  92. I have been using the Paulas Choice sunscreen for years and I’m so glad that you tried it and consider it one of your favorites. I usually

  93. Hi J, Thanks again for the info….I have been using Supergoop Unseen on face and the all over body butter. Love the feel on both! Senegence interests me as I have dry skin. Sun spots want to appear when in the sun more. I was this winter a snowbird. Will test this summer as well.

  94. Absolutely love all you tips and makeup advice (as well as all the tips you give in EVERYTHING else). I still love my super goop (but I use the mineral one). I’ll be looking into all the other ones real soon to try something new cause if Joce suggests I must try😉 thanks for all you do girlfriend! Xoxo

  95. I am looking into Ever Eve as my skin does tend to be normal to dry. Thank you for all you do. It saves us so much time when trying to research what is best for us to use on our skin. I am so happy you are my artist.

  96. Thanks for testing so many screens and letting us know how they went on the skin. We appreciate you doing all the leg work. :)

  97. This blog as always is full of awesome information. You are so thorough in all you do. Thank you. I have used both the Image sunscreen and the Elta MD. I like them both. If I remember correctly the Image felt like it was sweating off.

  98. I love how Joce breaks down her recommendations based on skin type. I hadn’t put enough thought into this before and it’s super helpful!

  99. I wished I know more about sunscreen and the damage that I could do to my face without it, skin cancer, fine lines, sun spots! Now I think twice when I go outside, I always try to include, which sunscreen, a hat , and a chapstick with SPF. Thank Joce fir all the help!

    1. Well you’re doing the right thing in taking the steps to prevent the damage love! We can still enjoy the sunshine as long as we protect ourselves while we’re at it! So happy to have you here and that my tips have helped you out Wendy!

  100. Great info on sunscreens. You really did a lot of work on these and we all truly appreciate it. Just in time for summer! Happy Mother’s Day!

  101. This information is so useful to me as I am always searching for the “perfect” sunscreen!

  102. Thanks for the blog. Super I
    informative!! I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face. It’s nice to have so many options. Happy to hear you’re feeling better!!

  103. Sunscreens are so important and it was in the previous product I use to use before Seint! Thank you for all the tips! You saved me time and money!

  104. Sunscreens are so important and it was in the previous product I use to use before Seint! Thank you for all the tips! You saved me time and money!

  105. I’m using Elta MD now and really like it but will likely try one of the others you recommended next time I buy sunscreen. Thanks

  106. Prompted by your educating on skincare, I had my first skin screen check last week (57 years old) and the result just came back today as suspicious. I will need further testing and likely treatment. I’m so grateful to you that your mission is to truly share your knowledge with us in such a joyful manner. Needless to say, I purchased the EltaMD that you and my dermatologist recommended.

  107. What a wonderful idea! This is extremely important to me as I live at the beach in SC. The humidity is high. I also wanted zinc in my sunscreen. I didn’t know about dimethicone, that’s a good thing to know. Thank you for taking time to run a test on all of the sunscreens. Now all I have to do is pick one!

  108. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your sunscreen guide. Curious why Image has dropped off your list. I bought it last year at your suggestion & have really liked it.

  109. I love that you do this for us!! There are so many sunscreens to choose from and I never know which one to get. This is so very helpful. Thank you💗

  110. Thank you for all your work in this regard. I’ve ordered Elta and am very anxious to try it! Your selfless Jocelyn
    Thank you for all you do

  111. I love that you do this for us Joce! I am still looking for a good sunscreen but right now my face is quite drier than oily. I was using the Image sunscreen you suggested a while ago. What would suggest now for the dry skin I am having now?

  112. Great information as usual Joce, thanks for including water resistant options will hopefully need those soon . Always look forward to all your lives and of course the newsletter!

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