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My Current Haircare, Cut, & Color

Welcome to the hub of all things pertaining to my current haircare routine! If you’re wondering what I’m using as of late in any of my reels, YouTube videos, etc. then you’ve come to the right place. I regularly keep this page updated with what products I’m currently using, how I use them, how to help you know if you should use them and why, in case you didn’t know. The list you’re about to see is very different than you’re used to. I use things on different days. And for a strong reason (you’ll see more below as to why but you need to continue on reading) THIS IS how you can transform your hair to work for YOUR needs. 

I’m more about the “why you should use a product” than just telling you what I use and thinking you should buy it. 

You NEED to use what’s best for your hair. This will help guide you so think of your hair and what you deal with. 

Please know everything I use here, I tested it amongst a ton of other products for the longest time. Yes, I do have all these products and yes, it seems like a lot but read through which is which and you can simplify, also know I don’t use them all everyday . 

Product testing for me is a big deal. 

Everything mentioned was tested for a long time and against a ton of other product lines. 

If it has a *** it means I’m not currently using it because of a sunflower allergy. But before I knew of that allergy I had tested the product and LOVED IT so I I thought it was important to keep it listed. 

I’m going to break this down into 4 separate sections:

1. Shampoos & Conditioners

1. Shampoos & Conditioners

Always change it up. Changing it up helps your hair 1. Not get used to it 2. You need to take care of it for what the problem is as things always change. Sometimes you’re more oily so don’t use such a hydrating shampoo and sometimes you’re more dry. And also, try to wash the hair as little as possible. 

Also… I don’t shampoo my ends. I just let it they get it they do, if not I don’t. They’ll get care don’t you fret but they don’t need care like the root is what I have found. I also always wash the roots 2 times. This helps tremendously. 

Recovery by Virtue – a little goes a very long way. Small amount the first wash and then wash again and it wills suds up more the second time. 

Tonique by L’ange – I really like this for the hair is more oily. Again, don’t worry about ends. Only roots. It can dry out ends.

Restorative Shampoo by LolaVie – I tested this from Ulta and really liked it.  I use it when the hair is hydrated well and feeling too weighed down. This is a great all around shampoo.

Ultra Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner by Goldie Locks – This is great for hydration and has a lot of science behind why what’s in it is in it. It’s very hydrating and a little goes a long way. This is the conditioner I use but I also only use conditioner when my hair is feeling super dry. I don’t use it all the time to be honest. It’s too easy for hair to get weighed down so when I can use key products to help my hair already, I don’t use conditioner often. 

Clarifying Shampoo by Goldie Locks – Hair needs clarified periodically. This isn’t something you do daily. It’s more of a monthly thing; but stripping the hair of hard water, hair products is helpful as well.

faq: How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

I typically wash my hair every three days; thanks to this concoction and putting product in my hair before blow drying. My styles last me until the next wash, with a few products in between on day 2 and 3 hair to help control static, oil, etc. When I do wash, I don’t always use conditioner or a deep conditioning treatment; if my hair is feeling hydrated, healthy, and soft, I will forego the conditioner but I’ll still use my daily concoction afterwards. These help with frizz, volume, holding a curl, battling humidity, and they provide hydration. HOWEVER if my hair is feeling a little more dry or there’s breakage that I can feel, I make sure to follow up with conditioner after shampooing my hair.

2. What I Use Before Blow Drying

Now when I say daily concoction, I don’t mean it literally – it’s just on days I wash my hair. This helps my hair perform best! This is the super important part; what you put in your hair before blow drying needs to be your problem solvers.

Weighing the hair down needs to go into effect so we have to be ready to think of the condition our hair is in for the hair type.

 Here’s what I use JUST on wash day…. 

Before I put any products in my hair I ask myself… what are issues my hair is having right now?

Remember… the hair is always changing, so you don’t need to always stick to the exact same products 

So what I choose depends on what I’m dealing with. 

These are the things I deal with and you probably have some of these issues as well. I’ll use myself as an example and we can go from there:

  • Thin hair
  • No volume 
  • Frizzy parts of my hair 
  • Won’t hold a curl 
  • Needs texture since it’s more fine  

Now this is why I use what I use: 

Sorbet by L’ange – detangles and helps with reducing frizz

Create by Virtueis a heat protectant & styling aid (I skip this sometimes and just use the others; again, it depends on how the hair is feeling). I use this product when my hair already feels pretty soft. The other products can make the hair feel really really soft and we don’t need that if the hair is already feeling healthy. Link to shop: https://go.shopmy.us/p-766471

Smoothing Cream by Goldie Locks – heat protectant, smoother, frizz defender, hydrating – and boy does it! I use just a couple pumps and a little bit goes a long way.

Blow Dry Spray by Goldie Locks – Only spray this into my hand first and then apply – a little goes a long way. This is super hydrating but helps protect hair up to 450 degrees and extend the curl. Helps seal off split ends and makes hair look sleek. If I use this one I usually put it only on ends and put virtue up higher in hair for best results. Incredible product for all hair types but used minimally for fine hair and can use more for thicker hair. 

Thickening Glaze by Kenra –  this one is for the roots when and to add in some texture for fine hair or use Swell down below.

***Swell by Navy – Swell is thickening as well. *** This one you don’t see me use only because it has sunflower oil in it (I have a sensitivity to sunflower oil) but it’s an amazing product.


One analogy I like to use when talking about hair and using the right products for it is it’s like seasoning your meat. You wouldn’t throw the meat directly on the grill without the proper marinades or seasonings – the same goes for hair! Using the right products before blow drying is going to help your hair hold a curl and helps style to last longer.

3. My Styling Tools

I say tools to style “short hair” because these are what I’ve tested and loved for my own short hair. I can’t say too much for those with longer hair but I do encourage you to experiment and test out products to find what your hair likes and needs. Remember that what works for some may not work for others!

Also keep in mind, you’ll see me use some curling irons that aren’t on this list. As of right now, the ones I use help me get by, but they aren’t tools I fully recommend so I didn’t add them. They’re tools I  either had to buy because I forgot a hair tool while traveling OR they’re tools I found in my daughters’ drawer. 

There are a few different curling tools I enjoy using and regularly rotate through them depending on the curl I want for the day. Above are all tools that I have tried & love for styling short hair whether it’s curling, at-home blowout, or a sleek straight look for the day.

The flat iron I once used by L’ange is no longer manufactured so I’ve been on the hunt for a solid one to share with you all. One option is a flat iron I recently purchased and tried out –  NuMe Tourmaline Flat Iron if you’re in need of a solid flat iron. Click the button above for the link.

The Rootie by Voloom is a tool I’ve shown on my social channels & tutorials – I like using this to add volume at the root of my hair before styling. You can get this tool using my link: https://voloom.com/discount/JOCELYN20?ref=epveZZTUxjT-wU or use code JOCELYN20 when checking out.

The InfinitiPro by Conair is the curling iron I use and recommend. The size you’ll see me use in all my tutorials is 1.25 inches or 25 mm on my short hair. I tested other curling irons and the reason I chose this one is because there’s a shorter barrel, which is easer to use on short hair. I will be testing other curling irons, but since this one was less expensive and had a shorter barrel, it was easier for me to use. If you want a little less heat, I also recommend the following:

Yellow Curlers – these have a bit more grip to them so be careful when pulling them out of your hair – I would ONLY use these curlers if you have super fine hair! I use the 2nd to biggest size which is 2 in.

Black Curlers – these curlers are better for all types of hair; you might need clips to secure them in your hair, but they do a great job! Play around with the sizes to find what you like best for your hair. 

faq: How Do You Keep Your Hair Healthy?

I get asked about how I keep my short hair healthy and truly the answer is I feed my hair! If you keep up with me elsewhere besides just my blog, you’ve probably heard or read my posts stating feed your hair.” What I mean by this is dig deep and find what your hair needs for styling purposes and always make sure to keep it hydrated. One of the easiest ways to do this is by drinking lots of water and keeping your body hydrated in that sense but your hair will also tell you what it needs if you pay close attention. Your ends may be a little dry or there might be breakage – does it need some oils for hydration or a deep conditioning treatment? Does it simply need a trim to keep things in order? If you listen close enough, you’ll hear what your hair is hungry for!

Aren’t sure which haircare products are right for you? Check out this Healthy Hair Guide I created to help give a bit more direction into finding what products are right for styling hair, maintaining it, and giving your hair what it needs. I also have a L’ange Hair Care Guide I created as L’ange hair products have been my jam for a while and I’ve been able to test their products pretty well over the years!

4. The Extras for Helping Style AFTER the Curl or Straighten

Texture sprays

Beach Club Texture Spray by IGK – I love this spray for texturizing styles and adding a bit of product to help hair hold its style without feeling too heavy. 

**** This is my favorite! But you won’t see me using it because it has sunflower oil and I have a new found allergy to it. This is my favorite and it’s why you might see me use it in past videos. This one doesn’t make the hair oily or too heavy.

Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe – This is the texture spray you’ll see me use at present. It’s not my top favorite, but I do really like it, and it doesn’t have sunflower oil so I can use it. 

Virtue Texturizing Spray – https://go.shopmy.us/p-727372  This is my 3rd favorite texturizing spray but it does have sunflower oil so I can’t use it. You need to make sure you don’t spray too close to the head; it’s easier to use too much compared to the other 2.

Dry Shampoos

Gro by Vegamour Dry Shampoo – I took off every other dry shampoo! I’m mind blown by this! For sure the biggest difference I’ve ever had with a dry shampoo. Highly recommend.

I have 2 dry shampoo powders I love and use for texture:

Dry Shampoo Powder by Goldie Locks and Stardust Dry Shampoo Powder by L’ange 


No. 25 by Kenra – I’m picky with what hairsprays I use and have tested many, this one included. I think it works great and it does have a strong hold so keep that in mind if you’re looking to try it out.

No. 14 by Kenra – If you don’t love the strong hold No.25 has to offer, you might enjoy No.14 more. This hairspray has a light hold and won’t weigh your hair down.

styling aid: Pastes

Semi-Matte Putty by Atlas – This paste is perfect for men’s hair but can double for women’s hair. It’s quite tacky and can definitely give short hair a piecey look.

Badlands by R+Co. – Badlands is the most unique out of the four pastes above. It’s meant to be a dry shampoo pomade but must be used in a specific way for best results, especially when using it on the roots. I love the gritty texture it adds for the ends of my hair when styling.

Salt & Sea Pomade by L’ange (DISCONTINUED) – If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll recognize this one as I’ve loved this for some time now. This is probably my favorite of them all for having medium-fine hair and lots of it. I love the tack it has but also the ability to use it closer to my root without making it feel greasy.

6-in-1 Styling Paste by Virtue – https://go.shopmy.us/p-869932   This one has a creamier consistency and would definitely keep it at the tips of the hair only. It does a great job of giving the hair a piece-y look without the grit so if you want more soft/less texture in your hair, this is the way to go.

All In the Details: The Cut, Color, & Maintenance

And we are back to a BLUNT BLONDE BOB!

Going from lighter to darker is easy, but also going to dark back to light really takes some work. It’s not easy for the stylist to achieve their full goals on the first time if you want to keep healthy hair. Which is a MUST for me!

When we cut my hair this time around, we knew we wanted a blunt bob since that was something I’ve really liked from all the haircuts Chris has given me. If you’re new here, most of my haircuts are done more for education’s sake to help teach how to communicate clearly with your stylist, find what you want, and be happy once you go home.

To see more regarding my hair maintenance and hairstyles, check out my hair guide on Instagram by clicking this link: https://www.instagram.com/jocelyn.mcclellan/guide/chris-jones-emily-cooper-hair-cut-and-color/17965744534946014/


Details on the Color from Emily Cooper (@emilycooper_hair)

Below are details on the new color done by the amazing Emily Cooper (@emilycooper_hair on Instagram) – check it out so you know exactly what was done!

Emily had her work cut out for her on this one! My head was so heavy with all the fouls. She will be doing her own reel regarding everything she did and Chris will be giving his own take on the cut so follow them on Instagram @emilycooper_hair and @chrisjones_hair for more as they’re super educational in all they do.

3 FAQs I Get Asked About Hair

As your go-to hair educator, I’ve taken it upon myself to become as familiar as possible with haircare, hair tools, hair styles, you name it, specifically for short hair. There are 3 questions I do get asked the most by my audience and I wanted to put them in one place to address them for you, so let’s get into it!

1. "Are you still an affiliate with L'ange?"

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this question because I get asked this the most often; the answer is YES! I am a current affiliate with L’ange Hair and therefore, I’m your go-to hair girl when it comes to understanding which products you should try. I am a firm believer in sharing the things I love and I make it a point to avoid sharing random finds, or items I haven’t tried, loved, and become obsessed with myself.

That being said, L’ange doesn’t quite have everything I need for my hair. I began my affiliate journey with L’ange when they were a new company and I knew they didn’t have all the products I was looking for, but I had hoped they would add more proudcts as time went on. While they’ve created some amazing products over the years, L’ange still doesn’t have all the ingredients I need to feed my hair so this lead me to look elsewhere.

My relationship with L’ange is still standing and I will continue to share and use some of their products that have become my must-haves, but they and I knew I needed to incorporate other products into my hair which they were currently missing and didn’t have to offer. On top of needing other products, with all the research on my stomach and gut I’ve been doing, I found I’m allergic to sunflower oil. There are so many products and foods that have this ingredient in it which meant I had to find replacements for products I had been using. This is a big reason why you won’t see me using only L’ange products!

2. "What hair tools do you use?"

I get asked all the time about the hair tools I use for styling; I use multiple hair tools because it’s just fun and I love the option! In order for you to achieve the look you want on the day you want it, using the same tool every day won’t give you the different looks I love to have.

That being said, I think there are a lot of hair tools that work great! That’s why you always see me using a flat iron, Le Duo (from L’ange Hair), a curling iron, curling wand, the Le Volume (also from L’ange), etc. I love to have different looks all the time – that’s what I think is so fun about having short hair. The possibilities are truly endless for the looks you could create!

3. "Will that haircut work for me?"

One of the things I’m always sure to mention throughout my hair tutorials is I have fine hair. I’ll get a lot of thick-haired gals or curly-haired gals ask me if my hair cut will work on their hair type. My answer is YES, but when you speak to your stylist they might tell you that you need to go longer than the look I have because of the shape of your face. They also might tell you they need to do your layering or texturizing differently because of the texture of your hair. Usually someone with super fine hair needs to have hardly any layers because it will thin out the hair and make it appear even thinner. A person who has thicker hair can have layers but the stylist needs to make sure they do not pull the layer too short because it will sit differently within the hair itself and it will spring up since the hair isn’t as weighed down.

Your stylist NEEDS to have the knowledge behind cutting short hair and must be willing to change the hair cut based on your needs. Taking pictures and videos to your stylist is KEY. Finding an example of what you want on someone with your specific hair type as well is a bonus and can guide your stylist to understand what you want and the end result.


I truly believe in this – you NEED to be able to understand what your hair needs in order to achieve whatever hair goals you have. I absolutely love teaching my audience tips and tricks for their hair and I want to be a resource for you. Here’s a couple things you can lean on from me:

1. My Current Hair Care Blog – I keep this updated constantly with my hair care favorites, go-to tools, and my current hair cut and color as well as details from behind the scenes. Make sure to check out the guidance I give there as it will keep you in the loop!

2. Understanding What Your Hair Needs – This was a LIVE I did on YouTube; I go over how to use hair products correctly for your hair type, thinking it through for what is your hair type, what problems you have with your hair, and how you can solve said problems with product to help maintain your hair in the long run is super important. Hair products need to be broken down to key things; placement of the products DOES matter as well. Remember, the use of your hair products needs to be broken down as if you have a combination hair type, just like with your skin. Always remember to feed your hair!

Healthy Hair Guide

healthy hair blog cover photo
healthy hair blog cover photo

Dry brittle hair, split ends, you name it, it’s annoying! Are you doing all the things and nothing seems to be working with improving the overall health of your hair!? You do the hair treatments and your hair still breaks…or maybe you added in a serum and your hair is still brittle? Girl, I got you! Sometimes we do too little to achieve healthy hair and other times we accidentally do too much.  I definitely want you to check out the article I came across on how protein buildup in our hair effects our overall hair health. It was an eyeopener for me and I hope it helps you too! 

One thing about hair and skin is there are always ways we can improve things that we may not know or think about. In this blog post, I wanted to hone in on key things that can truly make an impact. On top of that, I wanted to include things you can use to actually help your hair. These are great tips & products to have on hand from super soft hair elastics to hats that can block out the wind and even UV rays. How’s your hair these days? Could it use a little bit of extra protection?  You aren’t alone! 

Click here to read this article I found. It’s super insightful regarding something you might have thought about,  & that is how to tell if your hair has too much protein in it (it can happen and it can dry your hair out!). 

L'ange Protective Hair Care Products

L’ange has a lot of great products that not only help with styling, but they also help to keep your hair healthy. It’s important to use the right products for your hair type so be sure to read the descriptions of each product on their website. L’ange has done a great job of giving key information regarding each product so you know what to expect. Here are several products that I’ve tried or have done research on and how they can help your hair needs! 

Remedé Shine Enhancing Argon Oil – Not only does this goodness reduce frizz and lock in moisture, it has UV filters to protect your hair. It’s a little bit of a thicker oil but can be used on the ends sparingly to add moisture to promote healthy hair.

Detox Scalp Reset Serum – This leave in formula restores the balance and brings comfort to your scalp. Use as directed on wet/damp hair before air drying or blow drying & styling.

Smoothe Healing Oil Treatment– a healing oil that will nourish and reduce breakage. This stuff smells like minty goodness and is so good for those with dandruff, itchy, or dry scalp.

Treatment A Duex Hair and Scalp Masque– this new L’ange product will nourish and condition both your hair and scalp.  Packed full of natural ingredients that will replenish moisture and shine to promote healthy hair.

Click here to visit the L’ange site where you can look up these amazing products.


Brushes & Combs

Sienna Paddle Brush w/ Boar Bristles –  The combo of nylon and boar bristles will help redistribute natural oils leaving your hair healthier and more manageable. 

Scalp Saveur – Ok, this one feels really good!  Give yourself a little scalp massage 🙂 It will help break up product buildup and stimulate scalp circulation to promote healthy hair.

Protective Accessories

Ok, get ready because I linked some of my fav hair accessories for you here.  Everything from hats, to claw clips, to hair ties.  All styles for all people.  Whether you have long thick hair or short fine hair, there is something for you here!  What I love about the hats I linked is they not only hats protect your hair in the blowing wind, but some have UV rays protection in them as well. Click the links below and check them out! 


Organic Cotton Broken-In Baseball Cap

Arlo Honey – Straw Teardrop Fedora

The Hollywood Visor

Que Chiva Sunhat 

Borra Borra Booney II Hat

Hair Accessories:

Eco-Friendly Nylon Elastics 

Satin Sleep Scrunchy Set 

Must Have Claw Clip 

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