Seint Makeup for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Cream Makeup

Seint Makeup for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Cream Makeup

“Seint cream makeup” refers to the makeup products offered by Seint Official, a cosmetics brand known for its cream-based formulas. Seint makeup includes products such as highlight (foundation), lip & cheeks (blush and lip colors), illuminator (highlighter), contour, eyeshadow, and more. These cream-based products are designed to offer buildable coverage and blendability, allowing users to achieve a natural, flawless look, perfect for all ages and skin types. Seint’s approach to makeup focuses on simplicity and enhancing natural beauty, often utilizing a technique called “HAC” (highlight and contour) to create dimension and definition on the face.


With a cream makeup, it’s important to prep the skin a little differently. A cream sits on the skin surface instead of absorbing into the skin and showing wrinkles and pores more.

Prep Your Skin

You’ll need less here than you’re used to with liquid or powder. I recommend ONLY using moisturizer on dry patches, if you have any. Cream makeup keeps skin more hydrated than liquid/powder makeup. A serum (if not an oily serum) can work well, such as the Layers serum I’ve talked about as well as using a sunscreen for your skin type. If you need help finding one for your skin type, here’s a link to my Sunscreen Guide Blog. If you use a sunscreen designed for your skin type and not just because you know it’s a good brand, it will work best.

Select Your Shades: This is where I come in with your customized color match – I can tell you which foundation shades are right for you if you request a color match! Choose your shades of highlight, contour, and illuminator. Seint offers a variety of shades and a custom color match from me can assure confidence in the colors being chosen.

Importance of Seint Brushes: Seint brushes are essential for achieving seamless and flawless makeup application. They are specifically designed to work with Seint’s cream-based products, ensuring optimal blending and precision.

*Personal noteI didn’t start out using Seint brushes. I can attest to how much these brushes do matter for cream makeup with Seint.

Beginner’s Favorite Brushes for my Clients:

For beginner application, two must-have brushes are the Blend Brush and IIID Brush. The Blend Brush is perfect for blending multiple shades seamlessly, while avoiding excessive use of foundation while you adjust to using a cream makeup and getting comfortable with it. The IIID Brush will help with cream makeup blush application (using the big end of the brush) and if more coverage is desired, a light press with your final highlight color will finish out the look with perfection.

Apply Highlight:

Using your favorite Seint brushes (the Blend Brush is my preference for beginners), apply the color correcting highlight shade to areas of your face where extra coverage is needed for darker areas. Follow this by your main highlight shade, needed for the other areas of the face and finish application with the brightening highlight color if you would like to brighten key areas – this color is most like a “concealer.” These underlined shades are all included within your custom color match from me; the brightening highlight color is optional.

Apply Contour:

Next, using the Blend Brush or IIID Brush, apply the contour shade to areas you’d like to add depth to or define, such as the hollows of your cheeks, along the jawline, the sides of your nose, and around the forehead. Blend this color out well to avoid harsh lines.

Apply Illuminator:

Using the IIID Brush or your fingertips (depending on the area), apply the illuminator shade to the high points of your face where you want to add a subtle glow. This can be places such as the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the cupid’s bow above your lip.


Blend the highlight, contour, and illuminator shades together seamlessly on your skin using your Seint brushes. Use a stippling motion to ensure a smooth and even application.

Set if Necessary:

If you have oily skin or want to extend the wear of your makeup, you can set the IIID Foundation with a light press of translucent powder using the Seint Powder Brush. This is optional – I personally feel if you use a sunscreen best for you skin type that helps most of all.

Add Blush:

If you’ve chosen a blush shade, lightly apply it to the apples of your cheeks using the Seint iiid brush for a pop of color and added dimension.

Practice and Experiment:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different application techniques and brushes to find what works best for you. Practice makes perfect! If you’re looking for different techniques, I have many examples on Instagram and YouTube.

Enjoy Your Radiant Look:

Step back, admire your work, and enjoy your beautifully enhanced features with Seint IIID Foundation and your new favorite Seint brushes!



Remember, less is often more with Seint IIID Foundation. Start with a small amount of product and build up as needed for your desired coverage. Embrace the importance of Seint brushes in achieving a flawless makeup look, and have fun exploring and embracing your natural beauty!


When choosing a Seint palette size, consider the number of makeup tins you typically use and your storage preferences:

Palette 4 

  • Fits 4 tins
  • Ideal for a compact selection of essential shades
  • Suitable for travel or minimalistic makeup routines

Palette 8

  • Fits 8 tins
  • Provides more space for additional shades or products
  • Great for everyday use and versatility in makeup looks

Palette 12

  • Fits 12 tins
  • Offers a wider range of shades for customization
  • Suitable for makeup enthusiasts who like to experiment with different looks

Palette 18

  • Fits 18 tins
  • Ideal for those who want an extensive selection of shades
  • Perfect for professional makeup artists or individuals who love variety

Palette 27

  • Fits 27 tins
  • Provides maximum storage capacity for a comprehensive makeup collection
  • Suitable for professionals or makeup enthusiasts with a large assortment of shades

Choose the Seint palette size that best accommodates your makeup needs, whether you prefer a compact selection or a larger variety of shades for customization.

Seint Beauty FAQ’s

Seint beauty lip & cheek shades

Get Started with Seint Beauty!

The best place to start is with a custom color match - I'm here to help! Submit a makeup free photo on my home page and I can get you matched to your Seint foundation colors within 24-48 hours!

Here are some Seint Beauty FAQ’s that you may have with all the answers in one place! If you’re on the fence about getting a custom color match to Seint makeup, hopefully this can answer whatever questions you have and bring some clarity regarding Seint official and their makeup!

Throughout all my years as a Seint artist, I’ve had the opportunity to color match and work with countless incredible souls. I’ve recorded so many tutorials regarding how to use Seint makeup and covered so many topics; I figured it was time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions all in one place to hopefully help answer any questions that you may have. Whether you’re new to Seint or a long standing customer, here are your questions answered!

Photo of Seint Official makeup palettes

What is Seint makeup?

Seint makeup is a cream-based product which includes cream foundation, contour, blush and lip colors (aka lip & cheeks), and more. While most of Seint’s products are cream-based, they do have an assortment of mostly powder eyeshadows, with a handful of cream colors.

Is Seint makeup good for mature skin?

Seint beauty is truly incredible for most if not all skin types. It is a cream-based foundation which means it works especially well for those with mature skin. Seint makeup can be used to achieve a light application to a full coverage look.

Photo of Seint official highlight colors

How do I choose my Seint foundation colors and build a custom palette?

Building your custom makeup palette with Seint official is easier than ever before, just get started with a color match HERE! As a trained Seint artist, I can color match your skin tone to the right shades of Seint foundation and give recommendations for your contour, eyeshadows, and more. All you have to do to get started is submit a makeup free photo here on my website and I’ll send over your custom Seint color match within 24-48 hours!

Why do I need more than one Seint highlight color?

Everyone’s skin tone is different, but more often than not, our skin is not one color/tone. You may see darker tones, you might see lighter tones. The IIID foundation is named accordingly as the makeup is meant to enhance the beauty that’s already there and provide a more natural look in comparison to other foundations within other makeup companies.

Why is my Seint contour hard?

The formula for the Seint Official contour colors is a little different than the other cream products but a trick I’ve used for years now is letting my palette warm up in direct sunlight to help the longevity of the makeup last all day as that is an area that can get rubbed on more. I warm it up in sunlight until my colors are soft enough to be applied. You can also run a blow dryer lightly over the top of your tin to warm up the cream and soften the contour for application. If you ever need to melt down your tin to soften it out or refresh it, using a candle warmer works great as it’s not too hot and is easy to use. 

Is Seint makeup TSA approved?

Yes! This is yet another reason I love Seint makeup – no more worrying about measuring out your liquid foundation when traveling. Since the makeup comes in a palette and most of the products are cream, you don’t have to worry about being stopped in airport security! It’s all in one compact – foundation, contour, lip colors, eyeshadows, etc. and it’s that easy.

Does Seint have a skincare line?

Yes! The Seint cleanser, toner, and creme are sold separately or they can be purchased in a bundle along with Seint microfiber cloths. If you are new to skincare and looking for somewhere to start, the Seint skincare collection is the perfect place for you to begin. You can shop Seint’s skincare HERE. To learn more about skincare and how it goes hand in hand with your makeup, check out my Skincare Blog Post here!

Do I have to buy Seint makeup brushes?

Seint Official makeup brushes are specially curated to go hand in hand with the cream-based makeup. They make all the difference in the world and can help you achieve the makeup look you want depending on how it’s used, which brush is used, and what methods you use to apply Seint makeup. You can start off with a couple brushes or you can get the Brush Collection! Keep your brushes safe using the Brush Holder and cleaning them regularly.

How often should I clean my Seint makeup brushes?

I recommend cleaning your Seint beauty makeup brushes at least once a week and giving them a good deep clean once a month. Using the Seint Brush Cleanser, spray a paper towel or washcloth directly and lightly sweep/swirl your brushes over the towel to remove product build up. I use Dawn dish soap to disinfect my brushes once a month during their deep cleaning, making sure not to soak the brushes or press down too hard onto any brush mat that I use to clean them.

Photo of Seint Official makeup brushes

How do I become a Seint artist?

I always recommend trying the makeup before signing up to be a Seint artist – it’s important to know and love the product before sharing it with others! If you’ve tried the makeup and have decided to become an artist, all you need to do is sign up on the Seint Official website. There’s no experience needed and becoming an artist is all about creating the business YOU want! This can be a side business for you or it can become a full time occupation, depending on how much time you commit to building it. Click HERE to read the 2022 Artist Income Disclosure Statement for more information regarding compensation.

Do you use a primer with Seint makeup?

Primers aren’t always necessary but choosing the right products to prep your skin for your makeup is! You can use a sunscreen, setting spray, or normal primer before your makeup application – it doesn’t matter which one you use, but it does matter whether or not it’s made for your specific skin type! The key is less is more –  the more product you layer on your skin before applying your Seint makeup, the harder it will be for your makeup to adhere the way you want. 

I’ve put together some of my recommendations for primers categorized by skin type; for COMBINATION – OILY SKIN options, click HERE. For NORMAL – DRY SKIN options, click HERE. For dry skin, I also recommend the Seint Setting Spray!

Should I moisturize before applying Seint makeup?

The cream-based makeup contains ingredients that help moisturize and lock in moisture so not much else is needed, however if you have skin that is typically more dry, you can definitely moisturize before applying your Seint makeup.Make sure to only apply it to your driest areas and give it time to fully absorb into your skin before continuing with your makeup application. 

Photo of Seint Official makeup ingredients

What are Seint Demi Correctors?

Seint said it best:

“Demi Correctors is a carefully calibrated saturation of cream color that is strategically applied using a featherlight technique. Most of your skin remains untouched, resulting in an undetectable makeup that reveals the magic of your face.”

“Analyze the colors present in areas of your face you want to correct for, then utilize color solving to select shades from your palette to filter out any excess colors you don’t want, and infuse your skin with a natural luminosity.” 

“Using a Seint brush, apply a light touch of Demi Corrector directly to the places on your skin that need color correcting to achieve a flawless finish without layering and add texture with makeup.”