Shopping… Why is it so Overwhelming?


So much to choose from yet so much confusion on how to pick!

I can’t say enough about how the fashion industry just gets it – not only have they come full circle with what I wore when I was nine to what I see in the stores today, (and I mean that EXACT style) but they’ve also got everything and anything you could possibly think of wearing! We really do have options to mix things up – heck, even the American hip-hop artist Andy Mineo talks about wearing “black on black on black on black” in my favorite song “Coming in Hot” cause ladies, it IS hot; it IS a thing. Not only that, but wearing white after Labor Day is no longer on the naughty list, in fact, we can wear all kinds of gold, silver, rose gold, pearls, diamonds, and so much more all at the same time. IT’S EPIC! One thing we didn’t have when I was nine though was online shopping; online shopping from huge department stores or small boutiques wasn’t an option like it is now and I’m sure my mom and dad were grateful cause this girl changed her clothes about 4 times a day already as it was!


I just created a dang awesome YouTube video, if I do say so myself (at least I think so), of how to piece outfits together from what we gather on Pinterest using what we already have in our closets. I created this video because not only have you told me that so many of you need help shopping, but I have to let you in on some of my own feelings here. 

When I started Instagramming I felt overwhelmed (why is shopping overwhelming?), like I HAD to buy clothes all the time. Because what if you all want a link to something I’m wearing and it’s old and there’s no link to it, or what if I already had it on in a previous video? How would I be able to tell someone what video to go to if I was wearing the same thing in all the videos, or what if I’m only in a t-shirt and jeans and it’s not professional enough, or what if I didn’t keep up with the other fashionistas around me? What voice do I have and who would listen if I couldn’t do that?

The thing about jewelry is if you buy right and stick with pieces that don’t fade or tarnish, your pieces can last forever. Yes, it costs a little more to get pieces that have real stones, sterling silver, or that are gold-filled, but look at it this way: I can wear all those pieces time and time again and nothing changes. I can only wear cheaper jewelry a couple of times and it becomes faded and tarnished. All in all, it’s so much more worth it to invest in the pieces that will last!

Goldie Lew has amazing pieces starting in the $30 range and going through the $300 range, however, most of their pieces are in the $100 range. This may seem pricey, but I will say from experience that they last and I am constantly being asked where I got the pieces I wear!

Amanda Deer’s pieces are around the $30-$60 range. While all her pieces are absolutely gorgeous, I tend to pay more attention to the ones that are gold filled because, in my opinion, they will last longer. Keep in mind that this also makes them cost a little more, but again it’s so worth it!

All in all, the dainty pieces and the bold statements that come with each of them make it so easy to incorporate into your daily style. What you choose to wear and your overall style is a part of your first impression, so let people know who you are. Stand tall with that statement ring, or that necklace that tells your story and go after it girl because it should be just one more thing that helps you feel more confident showing the world who you are!


I’ll fill my cart online with all kinds of cute clothes and before I buy it, I ask myself: do I really want this or, do I really need this? Do I have something already like this? Sometimes, after all that time I spent putting things into the cart, nothing comes of it. If I can’t stop thinking about it though, that’s when it makes its way into my home and I never look back, baby! “Get it while it’s hot” is what I like to tell myself (lol) but that’s ONLY if I really feel I need it. I took the time to make sure it really was what I wanted, instead of just looking to put something in the closet off of a mood. The organization that I already did in my closet not only helped me then, but it continues to help me to remember what I currently have because sometimes we just forget!

I LOVE online shopping and I love shopping small; I don’t want it to feel overwhelming to others and I want everyone to feel like they are getting the most out of what they buy and want. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more this has helped me. We can dive into more detail in another blog, but the moral to it all is that we’ve got amazing hacks at our fingertips and heck yes, it’s awesome! We just need to help ourselves not become so overwhelmed; in the end, it comes down to your closet and what you like but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that shopping is fun, having fun clothes is fun, but having chaos around you, isn’t near as fun. I plan to dive so much more into clothes and styling so expect more to come on YouTube and Instagram. I can’t wait to have some fun with you lovelies and with all of us working together, we can show how we make our closets rock – and have the best time doing it!